Selling gold and fine jewelry isn’t anything new. Whether you need some extra room in your jewelry box or you just want to have some cash in your hand, selling gold is a fast and easy way to get exactly what you need. Many assume that the only place to sell their gold and jewelry in Atlanta is to head over to a pawn shop. However, there is another option that can help you get top dollar for the gold and jewelry you sell. Contacting private buyers can lead to safer selling conditions and more money in your wallet.

Selling gold is definitely easier than you think, but getting your money’s worth is a different story. Here are a couple of things you need to know before you sell your gold.

1. Don’t Give It Away

As stated above, going to a pawn shop is definitely easy, hassle-free, and gives you the opportunity to go shopping immediately after you make your sale. The downside is that pawn shops are notorious for undercutting sellers to help them make more profits. It’s not illegal for pawn brokers to mislead and misguide sellers (especially if you agree to the sale), and it’s not illegal for them to pressure you into the sale. They’re running a business, and this is how business works.

On the other hand, a private buyer is different. If you find an Atlanta gold buyer with a solid reputation, you’re in for a completely different experience. In general, private buyers will not only give you the most for your gold and fine jewelry, but they’ll also spend time explaining the sale, the appraisal, and the process.

2. Trust Your Buyer

The key here is to find a reputable private buyer. If you don’t trust your buyer, how can you trust that you’re getting the most out of your sale? Do your research. Read reviews on the gold and jewelry buyers in Georgia.

One key to finding a reputable buyer is to take a look at their facilities. Do they offer free appraisals?  Do they offer free consultations? Meet with your buyer to get a “feel” for how they run their business. Once you’ve established trust with your buyer, you can begin negotiating the sale.

If you’re looking to sell your gold or jewelry, you can get top dollar if you find a reputable  Atlanta gold buyer. Do your research, and make the most out of your sale.

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