People across the world are concerned about being overweight and those with obesity problem is on the rise from 1975 onwards. Obesity is the reason for a number of health problems and medical researchers are keen to find an effective solution to help people to get out of such problems. Unfortunately, no proper solution has been found that can be considered as a sure shot method to overcome obesity.

However, there are few ways to speed up your weight loss which is nothing but changing a few of your habits and lifestyle. Let us discuss them in this small write up.

  • Eat something before you eat your food

Many people have started taking a bowl of soup before taking food. A bowl of soup before eating your food helps in improving your appetite. You should not take the soup fast but allow it to cool down and slowly drink it. By drinking the soup slowly your hormones, brain and your stomach can interact with each other properly and you get a sense of fullness.

  • Spice up the food that you take

Do you love spicy foods? Then there is good news for you. You can increase your metabolism temporarily about 8 per cent by eating spicy food and it helps in boosting the pace of calorie burning in your body. Also, when you eat spicy food then you tend to eat in a slow manner and this also helps in increasing metabolism.

  • Eat healthy snacks

You must eat something between your meals too. If you keep lots of gap between your meal then not only will you end up eating more but also you will eat very fast too. That is certainly not good for weight loss. Therefore eat in between your food certain snacks like almonds, crackers of whole wheat, low fat cheese or sliced apples. You may eat after every 1 hour.

  • Sleep more

It is very important that you get enough rest. A study has found that if you get enough sleep then you tend to take 6 per cent less calories.

  • Drink plenty of tea

Besides drinking enough water throughout the day, it is also important to take tea particularly green tea as it contains plenty of antioxidants. Green tea can help a lot in losing weight.

  • Prefer blue colour

It has been proven after research that if your colour of dining room or the plate that you eat is blue in colour then you tend to eat 33 per cent less than usual. You can also choose any other colour of higher contrast too.

  • Stop multi-tasking

When you are engaged in multi-tasking then your mind is involved in many different things. Several thoughts may cross your min d while eating food. You may often forget that today you are on certain diet and unconsciously you end up eating something that you should not have eaten at all.

  • Laugh

Laughter is also like any aerobic exercise. Your blood circulation will improve and also burn your calories.

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