Feeling sexy can be really difficult sometimes. Some may think that if they have an overall confident personality, they can be totally ballsy and sexy in the bed too. However, this is not the case, you could have a great figure, and yet fail to impress your partner.


For most individuals, it is extremely difficult to be open up about their sexuality, and describe their emotions and fantasies. Now, the trick to overcome this situation is to know your comfort level and push it a little every time.


You cannot be sex goddess overnight, but if you try tips and tricks often, you’ll soon see the difference. If you know nothing about how to become a sex goddess, then read on, as here we have explained in details the top 4 ways to feel sexier in the bedroom. The points mentioned in this post are pretty simply and doable, but of course you have to break through your comfort zone and give it a try.


Ways to feel sexier and ballsy in bedroom


  1. Put on some flirty and sexy lingerie:

This certainly sounds pretty doable, but the trick is not only to put on sexy lingerie but to understand how sexy it can make you feel. The thing is the more confident and bold you will feel while wearing sexy lingerie, the more appealing and irresistible you will look.


If you are yet to shop one, don’t bother to go with the latest designs in the market, in fact simply concentrate on what suits you the best. There are good chances that some women look more appealing in thong, but you simply look amazing in a simple pair of boy shorts. So, find the style which makes you look more appealing and sexy.


  1. Just Relax:

You can never feel sexy if you are all stressed and tensed. So, if you are planning to do something kinky tonight, try to take some time out for yourself and relax a bit. You can hit the spa or do some yoga, or simply take a soothing bubble bath, whatever works for you. Clear your mind and let the naughty ideas linger there for a while before you get in to the action.


Next, prepare yourself to be a little more adventurous and bold. This isn’t only about being in bed but about your overall personality. So, simply do something more dangerous, like may be go for an adventurous trip, try putting on a more revealing dress than you usually wear, or simply text sexy messages to your partner and let him know what you have been thinking about. Such small actions can change things on a bigger level.


  1. Don’t skip on exercising:

Many studies have concluded that individuals who exercise regularly usually have better body image. It isn’t important whether you are losing any pounds or not, it is basically all about pumping up yourself. By exercising regularly you will feel fitter and more confident about your body and basically that’s all we want to feel more confident.


  1. Make sure to wax

Everyone loves smooth bare legs. However, here we aren’t only talking about waxing legs, but bikini wax too. Now, this might seem a lot harder for those who haven’t tried it, but when you do it, you will definitely feel more confident about taking your clothes off and feeling all sexy.


So, there you go. Try on one thing at a time and you are sure to find a big difference in your sex life.

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