TV is endless entertainment source basically in every home. It is the focal point in living rooms, where families gather to watch popular TV shows and movies. Therefore, whenever your smart TV experiences an issue there is lots of frustration. It is crucial to identify the issue, which is most challenging, at times.

TV repair cost

Few factors define TV repair cost including the kind and severity of damage and model. On average you can expect LCD repair cost ranging from £45 to £100 and Plasma TV repair cost ranges from £70 to £140. When repair cost exceeds 50% of its original price then plan to buy new set. On compareraja, you will certainly find an array of brands like Xiaomi.

Below is a guide to help you tackle the common TV issues and enjoy your favourite serial as soon as possible. Some TV fixes are simple but few will need you to call professional technician.

Distorted TV picture

Lines in the movie means poor viewing experience and strain on the eyes. Lines showing up can be due to many reasons. Spider like appearance means glass is cracked. Sometimes lines appear on specific channels or are permanent.


If glass is cracked then replace it. Glass can get cracked due to house relocation, especially if proper precautions are not taken. For horizontal or vertical lines fix conduct a picture test, which helps to reset picture or in case of issue call professionals. If lines appear only on specific channels try to adjust the input cord and see it problem is fixed or not.

Picture discoloration

TV screen discoloration occurs when TV is used for long hours. Colours will start to fade on one part of screen and eventually spreads around.


Professionals may be needed to repair picture discoloration but if you detect it soon, then you can restore the picture. This issue occurs due to some magnetic field near the screen. Many people place speakers near their TV screen, so when you discover colour fading move the speakers away [minimal 6 feet away]. You can even run picture test because for old TV, discoloration means replacement time.

Internet does not connect

New, smart Sony TVs include Wi-Fi connection feature. Thus you gain access to streaming services. However, sometimes this feature can experience a glitch and fail to connect with the internet. Trouble in the internet connection can be due to power outage or switching internet provider.


TV is a huge investment, so to take advantage make sure that its every feature works. Identifying the issue can be tricky but run troubleshooting test. You can even reset internet router and see if it helps to resolve the problem. In case, problem persists contact TV manufacturer because warranty has still not expired.

Has audio but no picture

TV screen without picture but playing the sound seems confusing and frustrating. It does not matter, if this issue occurs in old or new TV, it needs immediate fixing.


Unplug the TV for some time. Check if every cord going in the inputs is secure or not. If this does not work means TV backlight is the culprit. Problems with TV picture means contact a professional. He can tell you exactly what the issue is and how to repair it.

Broken TV is tedious and tiresome. This does not mean you need to buy new TV but a small fix can resolve the issue.

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