Keto diet helps in reducing weight in a different way. It doesn’t stop you from eating but, sets a particular amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates that should be taken in a day. Ketogenic diet helps in cheating your body, this way it consumes your body fat for energy when carbohydrates are available in limited amount. Your body fat always works as backup system when you need energy, thus, keto diet helps in burning fat in a good way.

As per keto diet, fat content in your food should be 2 to 4 times more than protein by weight but carbs should be very less. This means to avoid carbs you should avoid sugar and starch food like rice and chocolates. Although dark chocolate is rich in potassium but, when you take it in excess quantity then it increases carbohydrates. That is why it is said that keto diet is taken by measuring every element properly. Nothing should be more or less because if potassium is less then it makes you weak.

Since keto diet needs lot of attention and measurement of vitamins therefore, it is wise to seek help from someone who has already followed it for years. However, people who have fast and busy life and are unable to manage their keto plan, for them it is wise to contact a low carb meal delivery outlet. For example, Muscle up Meals is an online site that provides keto meal all over Los Angeles. They make fresh food as per orders and ensure that it should be full of flavors so that people enjoy eating it.

Here are some snacks that are considered fat bombs because they contain fat that is required to catch up –

  • Have one spoon of fluffy peanut butter instead of adding it in something else. This is sufficient to increase fat.
  • If you crave for sweets then you should try the coconut cinnamon ball that is good for health and satisfies your taste bud.
  • Creamsicles are also sufficient to increase fat level. There are various flavors, eat the one that you enjoy the most but, just one.
  • Pork chop has around 103g of fat in one serving which is sufficient to boost your fat level. This can be eaten only when you realize that you have not taken proper fat in your first two three meals in the entire day.
  • Strawberry shortcakes are small in size but, have enough fat that is required in your keto diet. So, why not try it, if it also works as dessert for you.
  • Vanilla ice cream with coffee smoothie will help you get 30g of fat. However, if you don’t like coffee then try some other flavors.
  • Almond Joy candy bar is a mixture of coconut and almonds containing little chocolate in it.
  • Blueberry cream pie increase fat in body but, you should eat just one spoonful.
  • Pudding is similar to fluffy peanut butter. It is heavily whipped cream which gives you your favorite flavor.

To make your keto diet successful, you need to maintain all your macros – fat, carbohydrates and protein in proper form and adequate amount.

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