Whether you are advertising your business on the side of the road to try to draw people in, or you’re exhibiting at a vendor show or conference, you need to have the correct signage to engage people and draw them to your brand. You can do this in a variety of ways, but the newest sensation is to use teardrop advertising flags.

Teardrop advertising flags, as the name implies, are tall, teardrop shaped flags that will provide a unique view of your business logo or whatever it is that you want to be promoting. The shape will help you stand out from the crowd while still being large enough to accommodate your logo or slogan. The shape, which goes from large at the top to smaller at the bottom, allows the majority of your message to display higher than most people’s, giving you a creative advantage. Here are some of the ways that teardrop banner flags can be used to advertise your business, and some of the businesses that they’re great for use in.

Used Car Dealerships

When you think of a used car dealership, you’re always seeing the flags and banners flying high outside to attract your attention and get you to stop in. But they can sometimes all blend together as each sign, banner and flag looks the same. With the addition of a teardrop advertising flag, you’re setting yourself apart from the pack of used car dealers around you and really making yourself stand out. When your entire logo appears toward the top of the flag, and people don’t have to read so close to the road line, your dealership will be the one that they remember.

Trade Shows

No matter what industry you’re in, you probably have, at some point, exhibited at a trade show. Whether it was to showcase a product or service, you were trying to stand out amongst what could have been hundreds of other exhibitors, and that’s no small task. With teardrop advertising flags, you can ensure that you are the business that people see. The shape alone allows them to stand out from the crowd of rectangular flags, leading people directly to your booth and your product. Once you get them there, which is half the battle, you have the opportunity to discuss your product, which is why attracting their attention is so important. Teardrop advertising flags can really help your business stand out.

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