Cannabis has been closely linked to different human cultures all across the planet in varying degrees of intensity and for different reasons for literally thousands of years. The human consumption of the cannabis sativa plant has differed in method, purpose, frequency, and has been met with a constantly fluctuating public perception, ranging from total indifference to extreme demonization. Of course, smoking it is the most well known and most ancient method of consuming this mysterious plant with such a diverse list of potential uses and benefits. With the recent arrival of what might seem like a strange device known as a marijuana vaporizer, some people out there are finding reasons to denounce others for straying from the ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ act of smoking as humans have been doing for so long. If this sounds strange to you, go take a look at some Grasscity forums and see what complaints some people have about the new “marijuana vaporizer trend” to see what I’m talking about.

If History Has Taught Us Anything…

It’s that clinging to old, traditional ways, and resisting the ever rising tide of change and progress can result in disastrous social consequences. Yes, smoking the plant may have been a pure and natural way to consume cannabis throughout our time here on Earth, but the marijuana vaporizer, when you think about it, is still a result of the natural world. Human intellect and science is what birthed the concept, and there is no reason to denounce the practice of vaping. It’s a given that vapor is much, much less damaging to your lungs than smoke is, and there’s a whole lot of other reasons to respect the science of vaporizing herb.

It Gives A New Image To Stoners Everywhere

A marijuana vaporizer smells like nothing compared to the pungent stench of a joint and this grants much more privacy and a bit more freedom to people who live in communities who have little tolerance for smoking in general. With the new technology of vaping comes a whole new aesthetic and image for all types of stoners who don’t appreciate the stereotypes usually associated to cannabis culture.

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