You really want to see that new movie that everyone has been raving about. You go online to reserve your seat. Wow! Movie ticket prices just keep getting higher! You arrive at the theater and are met with long concession lines that you’d rather not deal with. That’ fine, you can just skip on the popcorn this once. You run into your theater and are immediately met with an icy chill and the stench of hot dogs past. You stop momentarily to pry your foot off that sticky patch on the floor and trudge wearily up the many stairs to the one patch of available seating in the back left of the auditorium. You pick a sit next to a complete stranger, who’s face you just can’t seem to make out in the darkness, and find that the person who sat there prior has left you a gift! A box of half eaten red vines! Delicious. It certainly seems like your night is off to an interesting start, but what if I told you that you could have all the enjoyment of a good movie, without any of that unpleasantness? Watch an outdoor movie in Delaware County, PA. Read on to find out more!

 Enjoy a More Social Experience!

When you’re in an indoor theater, everything is pitch black. You have no idea who is sitting next to you. Your only interaction with the other patrons would be to occasionally shush someone munching on their popcorn a bit too enthusiastically. In an outdoor movie theater, people sit together on picnic blankets or camping chairs and share the experience with each other. It is a much more inclusive way to take in a movie together. You can sit in a group huddled together, cozy and warm, under fuzzy blankets while sipping hot cocoa rather than being spread out in a single file line in uncomfortable leather seats that countless others before you, in varying stages of cleanliness, have sat upon. An outdoor movie is an experience, whereas going to the movie theater has become overdone and overrated. Get your friends together and actually be able to enjoy each other’s company!

 Leave the Grime Behind!

In an outdoor movie theater, you don’t have to worry about whether your environment has been cleaned recently or not. You don’t have to undergo that dreaded experience of your foot getting briefly stuck to the floor. You don’t have to go to put your drink in a cup holder and find someone else’s haphazardly discarded, half-empty box of junior mints! At an outdoor movie, you can relax knowing that only good friends, and clean blankets surround you. If there is anything in the cup holder, rest assured knowing you put it there! You can walk without the fear of having to peel your shoe up from the grimy floor. You can have all of this in addition to the beautiful and unique experience of taking in a good film under the stars.

You can enjoy the freedom and the freshness of the outdoors and be entertained simultaneously! You don’t have to be ushered into a chilly and cramped movie theater just to enjoy Black Panther! Free yourself from the claustrophobia as you take in the action beneath the great wide-open sky. At an  outdoor movie in Delaware County, PA, you will feel relaxed and at ease as you breathe in that fresh, temperate air and luxuriate in this cozy experience with friends or loved ones.

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