It is the desire of every website owner to see their website get a place in the search engines and specifically Google. In addition, they wish to have their websites get a high rank or be on the front page of the search results. This is driven by the fact that the higher the rank in the search engine result page (SERP) the higher the chances of the site getting more visitors and with more visitors the higher the probability of high sales or advertising revenue from the site. The task of designing and making the website rank high in the SERP can be done in-house by a firm if it has the necessary expertise or can get a professional firm like source the solution for them.

The following are some actionable tips that you can implement to get your website to rank in the Google search:

Optimize for RankBrain

RankBrain is the Google’s machine learning artificial intelligence system that Google has revealed to be among the top three determinants of a site’s ranking in Google’s search result page. It is the one utilized by Google to deal with unclear or unique queries that have never been asked before.  Questions that are absolutely new contributeup to 15% of all daily searches and factoring that Google deals with about 3 billion searches each day, then at least 450 million searches are unique every day. Machine learning then becomes the most viable way of handling the huge demand for new queries and it is a daunting task for search marketers to correctly optimize for. One of the ways to optimize content for RankBrain is by coming up with relevant content that answers unique queries from your target audience or clients. The creation of relevant content may take time, extensive study and trial and error but after producing great content in the correct format you may start to notice more visibility for relevant searches.

Update your content frequently

You may have posted quality or relevant content on your website and according to the above discussion on optimizing for RankBrain, it made some good contribution to your first-timevisibility. You need then to keep updating the content as regularly as possible. One of the things viewed as the best indicators of a site’s relevance is content that is frequently updated. It is then paramount to have your content as fresh as is practically possible.

Ensure you backlink to link-worthy sites

Put emphasis on having appropriate links within the text. You should consider putting the name of the destination sites as opposed to having “click here’’ links. The latter has no search engine benefit other than the attached URL. A link with the name of destination site is a rich keyword and will enhance your search engine position as well as improve the ranking of the page you are directing your link to.

Improve your site’s speed

You may have done all the relevant things to make your page rank high in the search results but if the speed of your site is slow, your chances of a good search position are slim. This will directly impact your ability to convert and earn from new customers. You should make use of the various tools available to check your site’s speed to come up with ways of improving your Google ranking.

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