In the medical industry, secure text messaging is key to the success of any medical facility. Without secure text messaging systems, the functionality of a hospital can drop significantly. For this reason, it is crucial to have a system that is effective, streamlined, and intuitive. Continue reading to learn why it is important to have secure text messaging services at your medical facility.

What Is Secure Text Messaging?

With the advent and popular use of smartphones, text messaging has become more and more central to all communications within a hospital or medical facility. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, medical professionals and other hospital staff are expected to keep all information regarding patients secure; this includes text messaging.

While the use of cellphones is helpful to the effectiveness of staff, having secure text messaging for healthcare can mean all the difference in the quality of treatment. Normal text messages are open and free to be read by anyone as they continue to exist on the user’s phone as well as the service provider’s servers. With a secure text messaging system for healthcare, you can ensure your facility remains HIPPA compliant.

The Risk to Patients

Without a secure text messaging system, medical facilities can easily release private information of patients to individuals in and out of the hospital. More often than not when a patient interacts with a doctor or medical professional over the phone, they are discussing sensitive private information. This information, if unprotected, can result in a large swath of damages to a patient and the reputability of a medical facility.

Ensuring Effectiveness

Medical facilities who have turned away from mobile phone use more than likely experience a significant drop in productivity. The phones we rely on day to day increase our level of effectiveness, and the same can be said of medical staff and professionals. By implementing secure text messaging communications, hospital staff can continue benefiting from increased productivity without putting patients’ sensitive information at risk of exposure.

Choosing a Secure Text Messaging Service

Having  secure text messaging for healthcare can truly make the difference in the productivity and security of a hospital. By implementing a secure text messaging service you and your fellow staff members can continue using your mobile phones without the risk of breaching HIPPA guidelines. When selecting a secure text messaging service, it is crucial you choose a provider that has a high track record of success in other medical facilities.

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