Neoprene fabric has a lot of uses and new uses are being developed virtually everyday. Many people, though, are not aware of how versatile this fabric is or its many benefits. If you are looking for a durable, UV resistant material, neoprene fabric wholesale might be right for you.

It’s Versatile

Neoprene fabric is used for wetsuits, dry suits, waders, beverage insulation sleeves, shoe and boot lining, mouse pads, sports braces, even lining in gloves. Pretty much anywhere insulation or durability is needed neoprene can meet the demand.

It’s Tough

Stop and think for a moment how much abuse your mouse pad takes on a daily basis. Now, think about that neoprene sports brace or the lining in your work boots. Neoprene fabric can take a beating and still provide reliable service. It is why if you are in the market for a very tough fabric and can get discounted neoprene fabric for sale, you should jump on it.

Resistance to Elements

Neoprene fabric can stand up to water, sunlight, oxygen, weather and dirt. It will not start to wear or fall apart after a few, or many uses. That is part of the reason it is a fantastic material for use in boots, braces and gloves. Plus, you can spill your coffee on it if your mouse pad is made of neoprene and it will be none the worse for wear.

Resistance to Chemicals

In addition to elements, neoprene fabric is resistant to most chemicals and will not melt, bond or degrade when exposed to them. This makes buying neoprene fabric wholesale if you manufacture articles of clothing for work almost a necessity.

Thick, but Light

Because neoprene fabric can be cut to various thicknesses, it is an ideal cushion when used in clothing or protective gear such as knee and elbow pats, bags and phone cases. Even better, it is remarkably light, so you can have a lot of cushion without having a lot of weight; that is why it is used in wet and dry suits by surfers and divers.

It’s Thermal and Heat-Resistant

Neoprene fabric can withstand very extreme temperatures. DuPont reports that it is viable down to below -50 degrees and over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That means it can be used in very extreme conditions with little or no reduction in effectiveness.

If you need a thick, light, heat and cold resistant, comfortable, durable and element and chemical resistant material, neoprene fabric is for you. Best of all, because you can buy  neoprene fabric wholesale, it’s affordable.

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