HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, which essentially ensures the privacy of medical information. For this reason, it’s crucial that you and your medical team utilize a form of communication that is secure. HIPAA Compliant Texting provided by Telmediq can ensure that all communications between medical staff are kept safe and private.

What Is HIPAA Complaint Texting?

Safe and secure HIPAA Compliant texting is essential to the treatment of patients. Without secure and efficient forms of communication between medical staff, the treatment process could be hindered dramatically.

Telmediq provides medical staff with a communication solution that can connect external medical teams, hospitals, and neighboring private practices. By streamlining the communication process, medical teams can connect more efficiently.

The Benefits of Secure Communications

Simplifying the communication process can have phenomenal benefits for a medical team. Telmediq can help you and your medical team effectively make the process of connecting easier. Features such as group chats, patient assignment lists, user status updates, and timely notifications, help medical staff members coordinate with one another and better assist their patients.

Telmediq’s secure messaging application can help your medical team communicate in a secure manner. Through a series of security features, text messages, voice memos, images, and videos are delivered to the correct medical staff member. HIPAA Compliant Texting also helps medical staff members prioritize messages based on the urgency of the situation.

How Secure Is It?

For medical teams, having a secure messaging service is critical to treating their patients. Fortunately, Telmediq’s HIPAA compliant communication service is built on ISO 27001 certified infrastructure. These extra securities grant medical staff members, hospitals, and private practice facilities full control over all lines of communication.

Telmediq’s HIPAA compliant texting service comes with features like scheduled message lifespan, audit history, PIN protection software, user access rights, two-factor authentication, and remote lock and wipe. These features ensure the right line of communication is accessed, and that messages and calls between staff members, hospitals, and private practices remain secure.

How Well Does It Work with Other Systems?

More often than not, implementing new systems can be a headache when trying to integrate them with existing programs. Fortunately, Telmediq can be easily merged with any current system you have set up.

Telmediq offers a secure messaging system that can merge smoothly with any existing call center software, corporate directories, and scheduling systems.

With Telmediq’s  HIPAA compliant messaging service you can create a chain of communication that is both secure and effective.

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