Scotland is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. It has scenic views and it brings you closer to nature. It is the land of kilts and fascinating castles. This picturesque country is filled with mountains, trees, and beaches. It is also the home of six impressive UNESCO World Heritage sites – St. Kilda, Hadrian’s Wall, Edinburgh’s Old and New Town, New Lanark, Orkney’s Prehistoric Sites, and Forth Bridge. If you plan to visit this beautiful country soon, there are a lot of Scotland accommodation options that you can choose from.

1. Hotel

This is the most used Scotland accommodation option. This beautiful country is filled with 18th century hotels that will make you feel like you’re living in a castle. Scotland hotels have beautiful gardens and top of the line facilities. The rooms are impeccably kept and furnished with expensive and exquisite furniture. These hotel rooms have lavish bathrooms, unique accent chairs, and expensive bed linen. These hotels provide free WIFI access to guests. They also typically have tennis courts, pools, gym, restaurants, and spas. But, the biggest downside of staying in a hotel is that it is expensive. Luxurious hotel rooms in Scotland cost around £150 to £400 a night. Although, you can sometimes in a decent hotel room that costs around £60 to £150.

2. Camping

This is one of the most popular Scotland accommodation options. Camping is perfect for those who have an adventurous spirit. If you like waking up to the beautiful sound of chirping birds, then this is the perfect option for you. Camping is also a good opportunity to bond with your loved ones and socialize with other adventurous spirits.
Camping is fun and it decreases anxiety and depression simply because it allows you to break away from your problems and just enjoy life.

You can camp at different sites such as the Red Squirrel Campsite in Glencoe, the Port Ban Holiday Park in Kintyre, the Resipole Camping and Caravan Park in Ardnamurchan, the Sands Holiday Centre in Gairloch, the Camusdarach Campsite in Arisaig, and Rothiemurcus in Aviemore. These campsites usually have biking and walking trails. These sites are usually surrounded by rivers and Caledonian pine trees.

3. Guest Houses

There are a number of available guest houses or hostels in Scotland. Guest houses are homes that are converted into a guest house. They exude a 17th century vibe. They cook home-made food and relatively inexpensive compared to hotels. Most guest houses in Scotland have free WIFI connection and costs around £60 to £120 a night.

4. Glamping

If you want like camping and yet you still want to feel comfortable and glamorous, then you should try glamping.
Glamping is a new trend that is becoming more and more popular amongst travelers. It is a fusion of glamor and camping. Glamping allows you to enjoy the outdoors and the luxuries provided by a hotel at the same time.
Glamping tents have faux fur rugs and expensive bed linens. They even have tables, chairs, and other things that you can find in a hotel room. This accommodation type is eco-friendly and definitely cheaper than staying in a hotel.

5. Bed and Breakfast

Most hotels do not offer complimentary breakfast. If you’re on a tight budget, you should definitely stay in a bed and breakfast Scotland. This accommodation type is cheaper and it’s comfortable, too. B&Bs have great customer service and they serve home-cooked meals. They are clean and they have this romantic vibe. Bed and breakfasts usually offer a more personal service to their guests. They are safe and they offer great value for your money.

If you have money to burn, then you should stay in a five star castle hotel, but, if you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to go for more affordable Scotland accommodation types like camping or bed and breakfast.

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