Welcome to Thailand

People take vacations to Thailand for many different reasons. Some visit to relax on the beaches of Phuket; some come to climb the mountains of Mae Hong Son; others come to get lost in the bustle of shopping on the streets of Bangkok. You may be looking for an adventure vacation to Thailand, or you may be looking for a relaxing break from busy life – head to Thailand. You’ll find what you are looking for in Thailand, and you’ll find delicious (and inexpensive) Thai food while you are there. Thailand is the 50th largest country in the world (about the size of Spain) and has a lovely, tropical climate. Temperatures in Thailand usually range from 66 to 100 F.

Lazy Beaches

It might surprise you, but Thailand is actually one of the most reasonably priced places to visit for a seaside or beach vacation. There are hundreds of beaches for you to choose from, and many Thailand resorts are located right on the beach. The Gulf of Thailand is a beautiful beach with warm, turquoise waters that you won’t want to miss. If you want to try your hand at scuba diving, you must visit the islands of the Andaman Sea. Want to have the best vacation of your life? Find a bungalow on KoSamet (just a few hours from Bangkok by bus) to stay in. Or, you can take a short plane ride from Bangkok to Phuket Island and stay in a luxury Thailand hotel – you won’t regret it. Make sure you use a Flight Comparison Site in advance as the costs closer to the day will be a lot

Things to Do

If you’re a history buff, make sure you take a bus or train to visit the central region of Thailand. While you are there, you’ll be able to see remnants of the American War in Vietnam and the demilitarised zone (DMZ) – which is a very sobering experience. Many war veterans say this is a must-see for anyone in Vietnam.

If you are looking for adventure, you’ll want to head to the Central Highlands region in Vietnam. In this area, the people have found a fun way to make a living – and it’s not entirely in harmony with the central government.

Shopping& Markets

If you are a bargain hunter, then Thailand is your paradise. You can find great deals while you are shopping in Thailand – just remember to bargain. In Thailand, the word ‘antique’ usually refers to something designed in an old or a traditional style. If you are looking for genuine antiques – items that are more than 100 years old – you need special permission to take them out of the country, so you probably just want to avoid them. If you do want to buy a genuine antique, make sure you see the export permit before you agree to purchase.

Thai silk is world famous for its bright and vibrant colours and patterns, and it’s a very good price. If you are staying in the north and northeast, where silk is made, you can purchase silk for a very cheap price. If you really like silk, make sure you visit one of the ‘factories’ just outside of Chiang Mai – it’s a pretty awesome experience.

Eating Thailand Style

In the past few years, Thai food has become very popular worldwide, and that’s likely because we are becoming more health-conscious. Eating nothing but our traditional western-style food is dangerous – it’s fatty and can lead to obesity. Thai food is light, good for you and has amazing taste. Many of the herbs and spices used in Thai food actually have medicinal properties and are good for digestion.

Thais are a nation of eaters. They say that when Thais meet the first question they ask is ‘Where are you going?’ which is followed by ‘Have you eaten yet?’. Thais like good food and they like to experiment with their food. Thai food is not difficult to make and it’s hard to beat. If you are heading to Thailand for a vacation, you won’t be disappointed with the food.

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