Choosing the Toyota painted body side molding is a more important part of the car selection process than most people realize. The right color can bring out the best in the car model and even be a reflection of the driver’s choices and personality. But it can also be important for practical purposes. Since you plan on owning this car for a long time, you might as well choose a color that will make certain parts of driving a bit easier for yourself. A lot of it can hinge on both personal preference and where you live.

How Long Are You Outside?

If you lack a roof or garage for your living place, then you will get hit with plenty of sun. Car paint can get damaged with excessive exposure to solar rays, so getting certain paint jobs means you do have to take additional effort to cover your ride up. You could also select a color like white which doesn’t really fade when exposed to sun for so long. You just need to think about how much cover you have at your own job and the roofs you have at your house or apartment.

How Distinct Do You Want it?

You’ll often see some common colors on the road like black and white. While some of these are intentional for what you have to deal with in your environment, it may not be a bad idea to go for something that helps you stand out more. It makes it easier to identify in case you get lost in a parking lot or you have to go and pick someone up. You’ll be surprised how much minutes you could shave off by simply having a vehicle that’s more identifiable for you. At the same time, going for a more common color may help you blend in and not attract the attention of the wrong people.

How much do you want the dirt hidden?

You’re inevitably going to get dirt, mud and gravel all over your car that could damage your Toyota painted body side molding. It is present on certain colors more than other ones, which doesn’t leave the best impression with others and might lead you to spend more money on cleaning supplies and car washes. This one’s also a bit more subjective to the environments you drive more in. Drivers that often go through rural roads may not want a car that’s obviously been through plenty of dirt. It makes it awkward when they go outside into the city and have a filthy car next to some of the nicer vehicles.

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