The water in your aquarium might look crystal clear and you may think that it is all good but you will be surprised to notice that it is actually filled with dirt and detritus. The food that you feed to fish, the excreta matter and other dirt particles, all settle down at the bottom of the aquarium. The upper layer of the water when looked from outside seems clean and clear.

Here are some of the reasons why one should not ignore the changing conditions of water in the aquarium.

pH control

It refers to the amount of hydrogen which is present in the tank. More the hydrogen in the tank, the greater is the acidity content in the tank water. The more excreta given out by the fish, the greater is the acidity content of the water. Hence, to ensure that the pH level of the water remains stable, one must ensure that the water in the aquarium is changed from time to time at regular intervals.

Controlling growth of algae

Growing algae also alter the acidity of water and have favorable conditions to grow inside the stagnant aquarium water. Therefore, one must ensure that while changing the water in the tank, the algae must also be removed from the tank to maintain its purity.

Cleaning the accessories

The accessories used inside the aquarium forms a major part of the dirt which is unleashed in the aquarium. Hence, these accessories, such as the filter tank must be cleaned from time to time and the purity of water must be maintained. You can get your aquarium cleaned and get new accessories installed from Fish Tank Focus at the cheapest rate available in the market.

Detoxifying the aquarium

Excretion products, dead organisms, and the by products which are the remnants of metabolic activities of the organisms also form a major part of unleashing the dead toxic products in the water. Other sources which include the entry of microorganisms in the tank also affect the health of the fishes. Therefore, it forms an important part of cleaning the water and why it should be changed regularly.

Kh control

Kh refers to the hydrolysis constant. It is the water’s ability to buffer. It means, it is the ability of water to maintain the level of the bases and acids in the solution. The inclusion of some toxic substances in the water and other changes that take place in the aquarium keeps on changing the acid content of the water. Hence, the Kh level gets disturbed from tie to time. Therefore, one must ensure that the Kh level of water is maintained and looked after.  


Hence, maintaining the cleanliness of your aquarium and ensuring that all the dirt and the debris is cleared is important. You must ensure that the water is changed from time to time and cleaned at regular intervals. This would ensure that the purity of water in the tank is maintained and the fishes enjoy a clean and pure environment. Heathy water would ensure healthy fishes in your tank.

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