The best time to visit Memphis is during the summer season. This is when there will be school holidays, but it is also the hottest and most humid time of the year. The summer season is one of the longest and it can get uncomfortable for the tourists.  At this time of the year, the hotel rates are quite high.

Winters can be cold. During the daytime, the temperature can be below freezing and can snow at times. During the spring months of April and May, and fall months of October and November, it will be the best time to visit Memphis.  There will be lesser crowd and the weather will be very pleasant.

Getting to Memphis

December-March: Memphis can be really cold in the winters. The temperature can drop below 50 degrees before March, and then it begins to go up.  During these few months, it can be raining, so make sure that you carry an umbrella with you.

October- November: Autumn in Memphis is bearable, dry and, sunny climate.  The weather can change suddenly, so it is suggested that you pack for all kinds of climatic conditions. In the fall season, you are sure to get plenty of discounted deals.

April-May:  Besides the lovely weather that Memphis has to offer, you can also take part and enjoy the May international festival. It is a month long event that features some of the most famous festivals. During this time of the year, you wont be the only to enjoy amazing weather and all the events, and thus it is suggested that you book your accommodation several months in advance.

Getting from Memphis Airport

There are many options for one to travel from Memphis International airport to the downtown. There are more than ten car rentals agencies located in and around the airport. Many people prefer to rent a car to get from the airport to downtown, and then travel around the Memphis area. The Memphis area transit authority gives several bus routes that go downtown.

Getting around Memphis by trolley, bus, taxi, or on foot:

Memphis is a large area, and one of the best ways is to use a car to travel around the city. There is plenty of parking place. One of the drawbacks of moving around in car is that the traffic in Memphis sometimes becomes very congested, especially during the peak hours.

Restaurants in Memphis

Memphis is famous for Elvis banana sandwiches, fried peanut butter as well as pork barbeque. There are more than 100 barbeque eateries in the city. If you need to know more about Memphis, then please do visit the website: It is one of the most informative sources you can find online.

Memphis provides a list of places on where to eat.  Memphis is known for its delicious food and it boasts of many award winning chefs, bars and breweries, burger joints, and so on. It has rich culture and takes you back to the rock and roll times. So, if you are a rock & roll fan, this place is worth every penny you spend on your vacation.

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