Edinburgh, located in the heart of Scotland is more than a place with castles and scenic beauty. It is people friendly compared to other cities in Europe, affordable for tourists, unique in its own way and breathtakingly beautiful. Edinburgh is a happening city with lots to see and experience. Needless to say, it is one of the most visited places in Europe. Most of the year it remains cold, cloudy and windy, which is perfectly a comfortable weather. The weather remains constant with rare snowfall and temperature seldom falls below freezing degree Celsius.


Pen picture of the place


The best time to visit this place is the later and first half of the year. The cool temperature makes it perfect for long walks and hikes. Nearly most of the places can be covered within walking distance. Also, you can cover most of the city, through its interconnected bus system.


You can also collect city traveller guide which has important advice to Edinburgh Hop on Hop off. You can also go to the top most point of the city to witness the beaming and ancient city. The city has innumerable parks where you can sit for a while and enjoy the calmness of the place. Let us check which are the main points to roam within the city.


Holyrood Park


This is famous for the Arthur’s sear. This is located alongside the hills and offers a good climb through the place. Once you climb the place you will get to see the panoramic view of the city. It has been one of the magnetic for all types of tourists for watching sunrise and sunset. However, remember to wear your trekking shoes and jacket as the place is steep and windy.


The Meadows


This place is located in the University of Edinburgh and is popular for games. There are artificial ice-skating ring and rugby courtyards around this place. Also, you will get to enjoy a small fair which goes all round the year. Here you can enjoy local food and handmade chocolates. A walk down the street you will get to experience small fountains along the road side with breath-taking beauty.


Princes Street Gardens


This is a like a postcard view of Edinburgh with lots of castle around the place. This place has ancient monuments, concert and theatre halls. Also, the place has few medieval churches. If you want to enjoy every nook and corner of this place, you must have at least two full days in your hand to understand the heritage and historical value.


Around Christmas and new year this place hosts special arrangements known as Winter Wonderland where you can buy mementos of this place. Alongside of this place you will get to see the Museum and National Gallery of Scotland. This part is easily connected to the city with timely train and bus stations.


Calton Hill

This is amazing for city viewers. The hill itself is situated in the city centre and you can experience the Athenian Acropolis above the city line. This is known as the Athens of the North. If you walk a little mote you can find the Political Martry’s Monument and Old burial Ground. Also, you will get to experience the shopping centre and the beautiful flower market.

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