Development is experienced in the marijuana sector as each year breeders make every effort to develop the strongest cannabis strain. Since last several decades there has been intense increase in the THC level. The comparison between yesteryear and today’s marijuana is extremely significant. There is 100% increase in the THC content. In 1970’s the average THC level was approximately 3.5% but today it is more than 7%. Surprisingly, THC can be pushed at least 27% with modern growing techniques.

List of strongest marijuana strains available to enjoy

Kamnesia [Ketama Seeds]

This plant is a hybrid filled with vigor as it is a crossbreed of few selected Sativa strains having 27% THC. Kamnesia is

  • Easy to cultivate
  • Tall plant
  • Strong structure
  • Open shape
  • Elongated and thin leaves
  • Enormous buds packed with sticky resin
  • Powerful growth during flowering period, so needs big space
  • Delicious taste and fragrance
  • Effect is strong, psychedelic, lucid and long lasting

Pink Starburst

Pink Starburst is one of the strongest cannabis strains with THC level 32.49%. This offers the uplifting Sativa experience. Growth pattern is Indica. This strain is crossbreeding of Headband, Blueberry, and Sour Diesel. In addition, it is backcrossed on itself to develop Pink Starburst.

Nova OG {Navali West Breeding Company]

This intense plant makes potent cannabis bud, which consists 35.6% THC. The strain is a breed of OG/Diesel, Stardawg Guava, and Top Dawg Seeds’.

Chiquita Banana [Utopia Farms]

The THC high of this strain is 33.5%. It is a crossbreed between Banana and OG Kush, so delivers tropical and sweet taste.

Bruce Banner #3

The strain is names after movie character HULK, who is a mild-mannered scientist that turns into a hulking beast within seconds. This does not mean using Bruce Banner #3, you will transform into a monster but you can certainly experience potent transformation. It possesses 29% THC content.

Black Gorilla

A nicely potent weed, which knocks your ass like you have been thumped by black gorilla. It is hybrid of Bright Berry and Gorilla Glue #4. The latter itself is a strong strain, so it is obvious that Black Gorilla got to be good with 30% THC. It creates high that removes the agony.


It is a successor of AK-47 strain. Tis strong strain offers intense energy because it holds 27 – 30% THC content. Tutankhamun is categorized as Sativa and is different from high generating buds because of its intense potency level.

The White

The genetics regarding The White is unknown but is assumed to include OG Kush. It is a best strain to cross breed and consume as it highlights THC level of approximately 29%.

Blissful Wizard

The strain is a crossbreed of Captains Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies. With 25 to 34% THC, it delivers soaring euphoric high. This strain increases your hunger, so keep munchies handy prior using it.

White Fire OG

It is a successor of The White. The strain offers potent Sativa dominant high with THC level ranging from 25 – 30%. Wi-Fi OG [nickname] can be enjoyed in the afternoon.

Discussing about all the strongest weed varieties available can lengthen the list. Ultimately, the THC level stated in this list cannot be wrong but which strongest weed to opt for is personal preference.

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