Surfing is a worldwide liked water sport activity. There’s no way that people who love water and waves can miss the opportunity of enjoying this ride. Surfing is water surface wave riding activity where the person moves on the wave on a surfboard that takes him or her to the shore. The kind of waves that are perfect for surfing is found only in oceans. If you’re lucky, then you may also find it in lakes, rivers, if there are tides or standing waves.

This sport was promoted 4000 years ago by Polynesians and now it is enjoyed by both the genders. Although it is enjoyed quite a lot in US, Australia and Northern Europe, Hawaii is the centre for this activity as there are many International championships held annually.  The activity revolves around water all day long, hence the costumes and other accessories should also be water proof. One needs to feel comfortable and light to adore the waves and move swiftly.

Hence, here are few things that a surfer needs –

  • Sunglasses
  • Rash Guard
  • Shorts or leggings
  • Swimsuit


According to the cofounder of Surfstitch Justin Cameron, some of the accessories are compulsion. One such accessory is sunglass. You don’t need a sunglass to flaunt, but they are actually meant to protect your eyes from high tidal waves and pebbles that might obstruct your way. Thus, when you plan to buy a sunglass, don’t go for an expensive one, but prefer a cheap glare with polarized lenses, with adjustable straps and light weight so that it can float on water. Polarized lenses help in proper view under water which will help you spot, fish, pebbles, rocks etc. under the water. Adjustable straps help in sticking the gasses firmly on your face. This way, even during rough tides there isn’t any fear of losing it. Even if you lose it, being lightweight, it will float on the surface and you can find it quickly.

Rash Guard

Wearing a rash guard is one’s choice which can be of full sleeve or half sleeve. Although it is found that people prefer full sleeves because it gives complete coverage from sun tanning, but there are some who prefer half sleeve as well. However, there are many surfers who believe that full sleeve rash guard can obstruct during paddling with hands. Thus, as mentioned above it can be a person’s individual choice of kind of sleeves to select.

Shorts or leggings

Shorts, to be or precise board shorts are comfortable not only for men but for women as well. There are many fashionable shorts available in the market in colourful patterns. If you are afraid of sun burn, then go for leggings which may be comfortable while surfing, but might irritate your knees when you lay flat on your stomach on your surf board for swimming.


If you buy a swimsuit because you wish to enjoy your vacation with a splendid look in bikini, then buy something which is sturdy and comfortable. Swimsuit wouldn’t be a distraction when you’re focussing on waves. Properly fitted with firm straps is the best swimsuit.

Keep these things in mind before vacation and your shopping can be easier. Surfing is fun activity hence enjoy it in comfort and full spirit.

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