Duluth is a popular city in Minnesota, US. Millions of people visit this city every year with their friends and family members to spend their vacation. You can visit this city both during summer and winter season. The city looks especially beautiful during winter season. If you are planning to visit Duluth this summer then make sure that you book your flight tickets and room for accommodation in advance. A lot of people visit Duluth during summer and the flight tickets cost can be high. In order to save your money and stay tension free it is better to book everything in advance.

Duluth has the most beautiful beaches, parks, resorts, restaurants, museums and pubs. No doubt, you will definitely love this city. You should especially visit pubs to have great fun with your friends. Don’t forget to taste craft beer in Duluth. There are many pubs and bars where you will get craft beer at a low price. Do enjoy the beer with your friends to make your trip a very memorable one in your life.

Duluth is famous for pizzas as well. There are so many restaurants in Duluth where you will get delicious pizza at a very attractive price. Do visit a good restaurant in Duluth with your family members in the evening time to enjoy tasty specialty pizza Duluth. You will definitely fall in love with the taste of the pizza. Here are some other things that you should definitely try when you visit Duluth.

  • Beaches – Duluth has the world’s most beautiful beaches. Do visit them with your friends or family members to have great fun. People who love water sports should definitely visit the beaches here.
  • Lake Superior – Lake Superior is very famous in Duluth. This is one of the largest lakes in the world. Go for a walk along this fresh water lake with your loved ones. You can also swim in the lake.
  • Hiking – Duluth has some good hiking spots. People who love hiking should definitely plan for a trip to Duluth. Summer is actually the right time to visit the place if you are planning to go for hiking here. During winter the ice on the trails can make them more slippery. Hence, it can be a little dangerous.


If you are planning to visit Duluth during summer then make sure that you carry light weight clothes. Remember that, wearing heavy clothes can make you feel very uncomfortable. It is generally recommended to carry cotton clothes if you want to stay comfortable during your trip. Choose a fabric which can be dried easily. There is certain fabric which fail to absorb your body sweat. Moreover, they don’t dry easily once they become wet. Hence, you have to ensure that you choose the right fabric clothes. Don’t forget to carry a pair of good shoes to walk comfortably during your trip.

Book your flight tickets right away to enjoy the beautiful beaches, tasty pizza and craft beer in Duluth!

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