Foods are the heart of every event and occasion. The food table is a place where important clients or guests can meet and build relationships, personal or professional.

Winning Hearts through Food

No matter how good or bad an event was, people will always remember the catering services. The right food can help you energize and at the same time be a good ice breaker for prospective clients. If you are planning for an all-day event, then you might need to plan the breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner menu.

Catering is just a part of the event preparation. In your rush to finish other important stuff, you might miss out on certain food items. Here is where you might want to take the help of professional catering services. If you live in Hastings, Minnesota, you can look up at credible special event catering Hastings caterers and enquire about their menu list.

Here are a few things that you might want to take into consideration when it comes to finalizing the menu for the event:

  • Breakfast is an important meal so you might want to add lots of fruits, meat, eggs and carb free items
  • During small breaks during corporate events, you can plan for nibbles like crackers, nuts or chips
  • Lunch and dinner can be a mix and match of different cuisines
  • Desserts can consist of waffles, milkshakes, cookies or nutrition bars

Thinking outside the Box

Do you want to get more creative with the food arrangements? Many people these days are health conscious are like to consume more greens in their diets. Any unique way to present the food to the guests and clients would be by using food carts or trolleys. These prove to be useful tool while serving appetizers so that guests need not have to frequent the counter for second helpings.

Starters such as soups can be served in a unique way too. Serving soups in a soup bowl is ordinary, try using mason jars or mugs for soups. You can even advertise your company through desserts. Make use of cup cakes or tarts with small placards showcasing your company logo. You can even get chocolate bars customized with your company name, making it more appealing to the clients.

Common Catering Themes That can be incorporated

If you are an event organizer, you are often in a dilemma about the catering arrangements. When you have finalized caterer, you might want to discuss about the various possibilities. Ensure that you disclose the guest list and any special food requests, so that they can prepare well in advance.

Some of the common catering themes that many of the catering services might offer include:

  • Seasonal menus – A perfect food list during festive and holiday seasons
  • Themed menus – For themed events or occasions
  • Simple menus – Perfect for corporate and formal events
  • BBQ and Appetizers – This food list fits any informal occasions


If the guests or clients are impressed with the food arrangements, you can even ask the chef to share their secret recipe. One can never go wrong with food when it comes to impressing people.

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