A lot of people find editing overwhelming, because of several different types of image editing options present in it. If you are new to this software, then you would find it all confusing.

Here in this post, we are helping you with some easy steps to use photo editing software that will help you perform easy editing of your blog photos.

Selecting photos:

Transfer all your photos from your camera to your computer. Now import all those photos into photo editing software. Choose the best picture out of all of them for editing purpose. Delete the rest of the photos. Proceed to the next step with your chosen one.

Applying edits:

You do not need to perform all edits on your photo. To choose the right editing function that your photo requires, you have to first identify the problem zones in your photo. Once you do this, you can now apply the right function to apply edits using the photo editing software. This will make your photo look the best. Following are some of the common areas to edit in a photo and the functionality that helps you to do so.

Improper photo composition

You can use features such as crop, or straighten tool for proper composition and alignment of the photo. FotoWorks XL is an advanced photo editing software suite that enables its users to apply masking effects quickly. The expert functionality available with this amazing image editing software provides a sophisticated control over photo making. You can get it on https://photo-editing-software.org.

Over or underexposed photo

If you want to correct this problem with photo editing software, then there are a few features such as curves, exposure, etc. to increase or decrease the amount of light for a photo.

A dull or grainy photo

Sharpen is the best feature of the photo editing software that you can use to emphasize the boundary of objects in your photo. It also helps in making a picture clearer. Another feature that is readily available is “vibrance” that brings out colors in your photo. Adjusting the tone of your photo with “brightness” tool will impart liveliness, and clarity in your photo.

Photo with strong highlights or shadows

If you do not find your photo impressive due to a lot of shadow or highlight, then there are features by which you can adjust these attributes too. These features are shadows or highlights tool. Any good photo editing software would have this tool, using which you can lighten shadows and rectify washed out highlights.

Export to the web

Once you are done with the photo retouching work, the last thing that you are left with is to export it in a web acceptable format. To make them adequate for web publishing, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  • Resize: it is important to resize heavy photos so that it does not reduce the speed of your website. The right width to resize our photos is 1000px.
  • Color profile: For web purpose, the best RGB color profile is sRGB. It looks remarkable on the internet. So, first convert your photo to sRGB profile and then later export in a “jpeg” format.

Good Photo Editing Software is important!

The right use of functionality and features of a photo editing software is very important. With these simple image correcting steps, you can give a wonderful retouch to your blog photos.

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