Looking Back

When you were a kid you didn’t know much about cars. Some had cool colors, some sounded neat, and others had new and interesting stuff on the inside. Fast-forward to high school and your interest in cars suddenly became more prevalent. The muscle-car era was in full-swing but were very simply monetarily out of your reach. Now, many years later when cars that sold new for a few thousand dollars are going for ten to twenty times that amount, you’re still ironically priced-out of the game, but don’t fret. By utilizing salvage yard auto parts in Florida, you can buy perfectly usable parts for your project car. You might need a little more elbow grease than you would have by bolting-on a brand-new piece, but original parts will not only make your car more valuable, but the finished piece will be more rewarding to you.

Body Parts

Often, body parts in a salvage junk yard in Florida will have seen better days. Count-on some dings, dents, and creases. The beauty of Florida is cars and trucks that have spent their lives there usually don’t have too much rust. One of the greatest benefits to buying original body panels is you know they are going to fit properly. Too often, aftermarket body panels are made of inferior steel and may or may not be an exact fit for your project. The work you spend modifying the panels to make them fit, could have been work spent on restoring an original panel. Instead of ordering a new door skin that requires expert fitting and welding, at a salvage yard, you can afford to procure an entire door.


Most project cars and trucks, especially muscle cars, have heavily modified engines. Nothing is worse than having a car that is all show and no go. Occasionally however, the original engines and drivetrains were more than adequate for moving the vehicle down the road at break-neck speeds. For vehicles such as these, the real value and pride is in restoring the car to its original specifications. While searching for matching salvage yard auto parts in Florida, look for parts that match, and have them rebuilt and restored. Alternators and starters can be re-wound, and the cases sand-blasted. By the time you get your salvage yard parts back, they look brand new, and they are original components.


Often the most over-looked and hardest to procure parts for your car is the glass. Few companies are making rear windows for a 1972 Gremlin. Utilizing salvage yard auto parts in Florida, you can find original glass that may not be available anywhere else.

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