Are you looking for some fun ideas for date night but need to keep the budget tight? Here are some ideas to keep date night fun and frugal.

A Night In

Having a night in can be just as fun as having a night out. Send the kids to the grandparents, light some candles, and lock the doors. You can go through old photos together, watch a movie on the couch and cuddle, or put a puzzle together.

If you don’t want to cook, have a casserole or crock pot dish that will be ready for date night with little effort so you can focus on having fun together. You could do a craft project, take turns reading a book aloud together, or play a game. If you want to add some romance to the evening turn down the lights, pour some wine, and add an element of loosing articles of clothing while playing a board game.

A Night Out

If you want to get out of the house you can have a great date night out while leaving your cash behind. You can spend time together outdoors like going for a bike ride, or taking a walk, or hike. You can turn your journey into a memory by collecting leaves, stones, or other mementos from your walk and making a display or scrapbook page of it later.

Just because the weather gets chilly doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outside any more. You could build a snowman together, walk around a local park, or drive around the neighborhood and admire other people’s Christmas lights. After spending time together outside in the crisp air cuddling with hot chocolate and warm blankets on the couch is the best.

A Night around the Town

When you want to go into town there are lots of ways to keep costs down and fun levels up. Instead of going out for a whole meal, take your special someone out for cocktails and appetizers at a neighborhood restaurant in Brookhaven, GA. You can also look for coupons, specials, and deals to make the events more budget-friendly. Weekends are usually peak traffic nights, so have your date night on a weeknight to save on costs, and find better parking.

Some free ideas around town are local museums, art galleries, or gardens which will often offer free admission on certain community days. Check out their websites for when these events will be and plan ahead. If you want to spend time reconnecting with your loved one bring a few conversation starter question ideas, and sit out on the patio at a neighborhood restaurant in Brookhaven, GA, to enjoy the night, and your special someone’s company.


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