Boating is not a brand new concept neither is skiing. What is new here is the question if one can do boating using electric boats. So, first let’s talk about electric boats a little more in detail.  These boats come with motors that have been around for many years, probably since the invention of first boating system. Slowly, they lost the popularity. Thanks to the increasing price of traditional gasoline.

People are becoming more environmental conscious. They are worried about polluting the sea due to oil leaks and fuel spillage. Hence, they are thinking before making a decision about buying a yacht, boat or ship. However, that doesn’t stop people from skiing. This water sport has been a true love for many of the adventure lovers out there.

So, if you are thinking whether electric boats are the right choice for skiing, then know that any sort of tow-sports boats is just perfect for water sports like surfing, skiing or wakeboarding. Here are a few tips for you to make wakeboarding, water-skiing or tubing a successful endeavor:

  1. Rope it in – When you are willing to try different two sports, remember to check if you have selection of towropes or not. These ropes are usually 75 feet long. However, the length differs from the one used by beginner and those used by experts. If you are a beginner then use 65 to 75 feet long ropes. Also, remember to check the ratings of the ropes. Make sure the rating matches the weight capacity of the tube it is going to tow. 

Also, make sure the ropes are free from any scratches as it can cause danger.  The positioning of the ropes is also          different from beginners to experts. If you are checking ropes for skiing, then make sure they are attached to a              pylon closed to the midpoint of the boat.

2.  Nada Surf – Surfing behind the boat can be a tricky affair. Surfing requires going too close to the porthole to               be safe for boats with sterndrive power or outboard. Therefore, it is advised that you don’t attempt to surf                     behind the boat unless your boat has a jet drive, inboard engine or forward-facing sterndrive.

     3.     Handle the throttle right – The first thing you should consider while driving tow sports or doing skiing is                the right way to handle the throttle. No matter what people say, running and gunning can’t be the answer all                the time.  Handling the throttle is a science and it requires certain knowledge.

It’s not that scary or rocket science either. All you have to do is keep certain things in mind and take a few precautions. When you pull up a boarder or skier, remember to gradually bring the throttle forward. This will prevent your boat from taking sudden jerk and keep you safe.

Now that you know about the functionality of an electric boat and a few tips to do skiing right, give it a try. Is water-skiing possible with an electric boat, then the answer to your query is very much a YES.

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