Despite the popularity of using social media to promote one’s business, there is still something to be said for having a website presence on the Internet. But, as you have no doubt seen, there are beautiful websites that truly capture and tell a business’s story; and there are those that leave you feeling confused and wanting more. It is true that the appearance of one’s website says a lot about their business.

Design Services or Do-It-Yourself

There are plenty of people who feel that no one can create a website for them in quite the way they can. Perhaps they are savvy enough in the world of technology to create a winning site. Then there are others who don’t understand how to build a site but are willing to try one of the many website builder programs. There are other businesses, however, that would rather leave website development in the hands of the pros.

Much of this also depends on your budget. If you have a small budget, the website builder option may be what you will have to choose. Larger budgets allow you the freedom to hire a company that will build the site for you from scratch.

One thing you need to understand that even if you’re going to inquire about website design services, you still need to provide them with a lot of guidance.

What You Need to Provide

If you’re looking at the various website design companies, you need to understand that your site will only be as good as the information you provide to the experts. You may have to create some of its content. You should also plan on providing a designer with photos for your site. Are you an organization that needs to share its financials with website visitors? You’ve got to give serious thought to what you want on your site. A website designer doesn’t know any of this information, so you’ll need to provide to the designer what you want.

Perhaps meet with your marketing team, if you have one, or look at competitors’ websites to see what they have on their sites. Don’t feel like you need to copy what they have right down to the last item. Just make sure you’re putting enough information to answer all the questions someone might have in visiting your site and include contact information should they need more information.

How to Find a Website Designer

  • Ask friends or colleagues who they recommend. Or, if you see a site on the Internet that you like, look at the bottom of the home page to see if it says who designed it. (You can also get ideas about what to include in your site by looking at others.)
  • You may want to find someone local because there may be times during the design process when it’s important to get together in person. Otherwise try to find someone relatively close-by.
  • Ask for references and to see sites they’ve created. Check our online reviews and the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, when researching website design services, don’t hire someone who says they can do it cheaply. You’ll probably end up with nothing but headaches.

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