If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you have probably been given a lot of information in a small amount of time. You may have already done a lot of research to find diabetes news online to help you understand the diagnosis and come up with a plan to keep yourself or your loved one happy and healthy. While this diagnosis isn’t necessarily life-threatening, it can pose some dangers for the one who was diagnosed. However, there are a lot of resources available to people who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Check out these three things that can help you as you learn to live with diabetes.

1. Your Doctor

Your doctor is available to you to give you information, answer questions, and learn more about how to live with your diagnosis. Your doctor or your doctor’s office should now be considered your number one resource. If you have different symptoms that you aren’t sure are related to your recent diagnosis, you can call them and talk to a nurse or representative to learn where these symptoms are coming from and how to overcome them. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor with any questions or complications that you’re having.

2. Support Groups

There are a lot of support groups available to help you understand your diagnosis and relearn how to live your life. Many diabetes support groups give you the opportunity to share your feelings, and gain a greater understanding of what those in your position are going through. Additionally, support groups can help you learn how to cook your own meals, give you advice on how to maintain your blood glucose, and even teach you how to properly react when there is a complication.

3. The Internet

There are a lot of credible websites available to help you learn more about your diagnosis and how you can proceed after you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. The most important thing to remember when you’re surfing the web is that you should find experts and doctors who discuss diabetes. While there are many people who have experience with diabetes, reading articles that aren’t written by medical professionals can give you the wrong idea about some of your symptoms. For that reason, it’s essential to ask your doctor and support group which websites are the most credible, and who you can trust.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be very stressful. Find credible diabetes news online, talk to your doctor, and join a support group to keep you happy and healthy.

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