Cancer. It’s a word that scares most everyone when they hear it – especially if it is a diagnosis that is given to someone personally, or their family member or friend. A natural reaction when you first hear that word in a diagnosis is everything else the doctor says after that becomes lost in a blur of disbelief and shock. Later, after a little time has passed and it’s now set in, you want to find all you can about the type of cancer you or your loved one has, treatment options, etc.

Where Do You Go for More Info?

Certainly, your oncologist can provide you with whatever information you may want. And any cancer center you start treatment with will also have plenty of information for you at the ready. Beyond that, many people search for oncology news online. Some may use it to help them determine if they need a second opinion; others may search for more information simply because they want to soak up as much as they can as they grapple with their or a loved one’s diagnosis and its life-changing effects.

When searching for online oncology news, each person may want something different. Some may just want to read articles, while others want to look at slides of what cancer cells look like, they may want to review PowerPoint presentations related to a specific kind of cancer, or they may want to read and participate in blogs, moderated discussion groups, etc. And, if a person wants to get into the academia aspect of cancer, they can search for a website that offers videotaped medical conferences online. The nice thing is, all of those are available online.

Academic Cancer Centers and Teaching Hospitals

These places are also great avenues for obtaining information, especially if they focus on or specialize the type of cancer you’re researching. These resources are often on the cutting edge of new or experimental treatments, so they can provide other alternatives not necessarily thought of before. Be careful though, that you don’t give yourself false or premature hope.

Last, but not least, when you’re searching for oncology news online, don’t forget about the main cancer resources such as the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute. Like the others, they also, offer a wealth of cancer information, ranging from prevention and detection to treatments and dealing with cancer both physically and emotionally.

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