Are your online business sales lagging behind? Has your foot traffic slowed down? If you seem to be in a bit of a sales slump, here are some ways to encourage customers to buy from your business during the slow months.

Boost Your Visibility

If you have an online store you can increase your visibility by being seasonal. Adding some season-themed images, colors, and promotions can be a great way to stay current with your audience and keep your website feeling fresh.

Times when foot traffic is slow can be great times to update your decor, shelving, or storefront. You can shake things up with a new color, a new sign, or a new window awning on your storefront. You can use this time to invest in advertising to prepare for the busy season, or place flag banners, and other eye-catching elements near the store to draw them in.

Reorganize or Restructure

Updating your product pictures and descriptions online can be a great idea to encourage sales. Make sure your pictures are clean looking, and of good quality, and most importantly there. Your website should be easy to navigate and clutter free.

Slow sale times can be a great opportunity to reorganize your storefront. Rethink how your products are presented and sold to the customer. Could you reorganize your store more efficiently? Could you sell add-on products at a discount, or include complimentary items for larger purchases? Perhaps you could look into starting a loyalty program.

Host a Sale or Special Event

Pop-up sales are a great way to create a sense of urgency online. Offer a specific discount that is only available for the next 24-48 hours. Another way to encourage sales is to discourage cart abandonment. Nearly 73% of shoppers will abandon items in their cart online via desktop and 86% will abandon items via mobile. To encourage them to buy you can offer an instant discount, or free shipping.

Hosting an event is a great way to get people into the store. Consider celebrating a holiday with an open house. You can offer samples, one-day sales, or refreshments for attendees. You can invite guests for lectures, signings, and meet-and-greets as well. You could do product demos, or host a local band or musician to provide music and entertainment. People can’t help but be curious when there is music, festive decorations, and flag banners outside your store for a special event.

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