Normal everyone is anxious on the driving test day, so it is wise to be prepared as much as possible. This practical test will ensure that you are capable to drive safely and confidently in any traffic condition and on different roads. In addition, you are familiar with The Highway Code and traffic rules. The test will last for forty minutes.

Find out what documents will be needed, what kind of car to be used, and what to expect during the test. Before starting the practical driving test, examiner will perform an eyesight check as well as ask questions regarding car’s safety check. You will be asked to perform practically like how to wash windscreen using car controls, when you will be driving.

What to expect?

You will take a practical driving test with the examiner for twenty minutes driving independently, following directions to reach destination as asked. It helps to display that you will be a safe and competent driver, after passing the test. The examiner asks majority of candidates to follow directions from satellite navigation [sat-nav], while one out of five is asked to follow the traffic signs.

Feeling nervous

In general, every candidate gets nervous about taking practical driving test. You have made a lot of effort and really wish to pass it at the first attempt.

Tips to help you keep calm on driving test day

Be on time

Turning up a little prior schedule will give a good start on right foot. Late arrival can place you at risk of missing the test or even if you make it the rush to reach on time can leave you feeling agitated. Arrive ten to twenty minutes prior the scheduled time at the test center, so you will not need to wait very long. Get good night rest, so as to avoid unwanted anxiety and stress.

Pre-lessons are good

Driving lessons for some days prior the test can help you clear last minute questions or sharpen your manoeuvers. Pre-lesson will help to calm your nerves as well as offer a positive attitude towards the driving test.

Check everything necessary

Many driving tests get cancelled because the candidate turns up with either an improperly equipped car or some necessary document. The car to be brought needs to fulfill the test standards, so please ensure that you are aware about it. Visit the official site to find the documents and test standard needed to be prepared and take the driving test efficiently.

Use instructor’s car

Many prefer instructor’s car because it meets driving test standards and you know the controls. It can be useful, when the examiner asks you to activate the fog lights or air-cons [show me, tell me test part]. You can learn the mechanics from the instructor. It will help you navigate smoothly from start to end during the test.

Being your instructor along

It is not compulsory but with instructor riding along can make you feel comfortable and at ease. In case, you made a mistake then they can offer constructive feedback.

Never assume you failed

In case, you make an error like stalling then it is included in minor fault. You are allowed to make 15 minor errors in test. Even if you made a big mistake, remain in control and progress. Avoid the menace of making more errors by assuming you have failed.

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