If you’re a manufacturer of hoodies, windbreakers, backpacks, or anything else that requires quick and easy fastening, you could probably use plastic cord locks. They’ve become so common at this point, it’s almost unnatural to have to tie two strings together to keep your hood from sliding off. Here are a few reasons why plastic cord locks are so popular.

1. Better Presentation for Your Product

Having strings hang down looks sloppy. Even unfastened, a product like a jacket or anything else that needs to be cinched simply looks sharper with a high quality cord lock. Often available in either white or black, the plastic cord lock is an attractive addition to any product that could use one.

2. People Expect Them

Plastic cord locks are everywhere. If you were on a ski slope and you had to fasten your hood to protect yourself from a cold gust of wind, you’d be aghast to find the cord lock missing. They’re common in several other types of products as well such as duffel bags, backpack sacks, and air mattress bags.

3. Easy to Use

The simple addition of plastic cord locks can considerably shorten the time it takes to cinch a product. The act of squeezing the lock, then pulling on or loosening the cord is so natural, very young children can figure out the process in no time. No one wants to struggle with tying a knot when you can easily just pull on a cord with a cord lock.

4. Several Different Designs

Despite their simplicity, the plastic cord lock is not a one-size-fits-all device. Besides their availability in both black and white, they can be round, cylindrical, and even box shaped. Their individual styles are able to reflect whatever it is you manufacture. Also, different sized openings are available to accommodate cords of different sizes, so they can work with practically any product that uses cords.

5. They’re Tough

Plastic cord locks are small and sturdy. The incredibly simple design (2 pieces of plastic with a spring in the middle) allows for repeated use without any degradation. Also, their small, compact nature, makes them unlikely to ever be damaged in a fall, a collision, or by being jammed into a suitcase.

The fact that they are so versatile, and so ubiquitous, is a tribute to the clever and efficient design of plastic cord locks.

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