When you first heard that your elderly family member could no longer take care of himself or herself, you did everything that you could to help out. You cooked meals, did laundry, cleaned house, and even made trips to doctor offices. You still work hard to make sure that your family member is comfortable and happy; however, lately you’ve been feeling like you can’t do it anymore.

It’s difficult to ask for help when it comes to taking care of your family. This is not uncommon, but there are times when you know you could use some help. Check out these three signs it’s time to call a company that specializes in senior home care in Sherman Oaks.

1. You Feel Exhausted

You have a full-time job, two kids of your own, and a lot of adult responsibilities that require your attention. Now, add the fact that you are helping to take care of a senior who requires assistance. No wonder you feel exhausted. Sometimes, you just wish for the tiniest break to help you recuperate from your day to day responsibilities. If you feel like you are just too exhausted and you never get a break, you might want to call someone to help you out.

2. You Feel Overloaded

Feeling exhausted is one thing, but if you feel as though you can’t handle your day to day responsibilities, you are definitely overloaded. There is only so much stress (good and bad) the human body can handle before it shuts down, that’s why it’s important to focus on your own health even if you have others to take care of. If you don’t focus on your health, eventually, you will not be able to take care of others. That’s why it’s so important to know your own limits. If you have reached your limit, you may have to find someone who can help you take care of your day to day responsibilities.

3. You Feel Frazzled

Those who ignore their exhaustion and overloaded feelings can start to feel frazzled. You may experience anxiety.  Additionally, you may start forgetting important dates and times. This usually happens because you are so busy taking care of everyone else that you forget to take care of yourself. If this is happening to you more often than not, it’s time to find help.

There are a lot of companies that specialize in senior home care in Sherman Oaks that can help you relieve a little bit of the stress in your life. Find a credible company that can help you take on your day to day responsibilities.

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