The grease trap in your commercial kitchen is designed to catch oils and greases – including animal fats such as bacon and shortening grease and vegetable oils such as olive oil and coconut oil before they can go through your sanitary sewer lines and wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Many businesses trust  heavily on their kitchens, including restaurants and other food service firms. A clog in your commercial kitchen could be very detrimental to your business and your expert reputation.

What does a grease trap do?

It is a simple device that does actually what it says it does, trap grease. When you clean dishes, or you are cooking, there are little bit of food and grease that get washed down the drain. These pretty chunks of oil and grease can solidify again when they cool down to room temperature. This can make a blockage in your plumbing, leading to backups and costly plumbing repairs.

Grease trap replacement and installation

Grease traps are generally used in commercial settings, where high volumes of dishwashing and food waste can lead to high levels of oil, fats and grease to make their way down drains. Because such substances can seriously compromise a plumbing system, an expert grease trap installation is very important. Passive grease traps, which are little units placed kitchen sinks, are the most general. A big in ground tank may also be used. Only an expert plumber can determine with confidence which grease trap installation is best for you.

If your grease trap does not operate rightly, frequently needing costly repairs and consistently permitting pipes to become clogged, it may be top to invest in a replacement grease trap. This is a too serious issue to take any chances with. Especially in a commercial kitchen setting, backed up drains can be a big ordeal. Do not permit an ineffective, damaged grease trap to compromise the flow of work in your kitchen.

Grease trap maintenance and repair

When your grease trap suffers any performance problems, it is very vital that you schedule expert grease trap repair service right away. Failure to do so will just provide the condition the time it needs to worsen. When your grease trap permits oils and fats into your plumbing system, it is just a matter of time before the water prevents flowing. Accessing a grease trap repair the conditions takes time and is a messy job. The sooner you permit a professional plumber to repair your grease trap, the less trouble your kitchen will suffer.

The key to a high-standard, consistent performance from your grease trap is maintenance. When your grease trap is rightly maintained you can do all the food and dishes preparation you need to without hesitate about your drain suffering as an outcome. Forever be conscientious of what goes down your drain, definitely, you should not think that pouring big amounts of rendered fat down the drain is perfect just because you have a grease trap. You can rest assured, though, that you have the plus security you need to keep your plumbing system in remarkable shape to your grease trap and value grease trap maintenance.

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