Ah, the office, the place where creativity is supposed to come alive and ideas should be free-flowing from your brain. However, we’ve all had those days when it seems like your brain is dead. If you struggle with productivity in your office on a day to day basis, the fault may not be with you. Did you know that colors play a big role in influencing your creative mind? The right color can boost creativity while the wrong color can hinder productivity. Most dark colors increase anxiety while most light colors induce relaxation. With that in mind, here are 6 soothing colors for you to consider before you commission commercial painting in Atlanta.

1. Sky Blue

Helping you stay focused and relaxed, sky blue is one of the most soothing colors. Besides sky blue, eggshell blue and sapphire are also excellent choices. However, stay away from teal, turquoise, sea green or aquamarine as these busy colors are too intense for your workspace.

2. Moss Green

When you hear the color moss green, you may think of abandoned fortresses in forests and run-down houses in the middle of nowhere. However, moss green is quite relaxing as it’s soothing and brings a touch of nature to any space.

3. Magenta

The perfect blend of pink, purple and red, magenta is the perfect color for people who work in creative fields. Magenta keeps you focused for extended periods of time and keeps you highly motivated. While magenta is relaxing, avoid shades of bright pink and dark red as these colors are too loud and increase aggression.

4. Pale Orange

While bright orange is too loud for offices, pale orange is perfect. Since it’s a warm color, pale orange creates a sense of comfort and security in any environment. It helps you relax and gets you through even the busiest of workdays.

5. Beige

While often considered too plain, beige is quite relaxing. This neutral color creates a pleasant effect and is pleasing to the eye. In addition, beige pairs well with just about any color. So, furnishing your office is easy.

6. Gray

Another neutral color often considered too bland, gray is also easy on the eyes and is compatible with most colors. A soft color, gray will keep you relaxed all throughout the workday. Once you’ve chosen your color, you can contact professional painters. Commercial painting in Atlanta is fast and easy and your new office color will look great and keep you productive all day long.

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