Every company is constantly looking for different ways to market and advertise their business or product. Rectangle flags are the perfect way to visually attract new customers and create recognition of your brand.

Although markets are being saturated with online or digital advertising, you can drive down the road and see banners, balloons, billboards, and even sign spinners that are still being used to represent businesses.

24/7 Branding

With custom flags, the advertising is visible to potential customers around the clock. With digital advertising, people might only see an ad for so long, or miss the chance of seeing it based on when it is available. However, with custom flags, they will be posted all day and all night for people to see. Many people drive the same routes daily, so they will see your advertisements, and so will the people who drive by occasionally, making them more likely to use your business.

Low Investment Cost

Custom flags are a lot less expensive than other advertising techniques, but they are products that will last a lot longer, ensuring you get your money’s worth. Many businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on ad campaigns for TV, newspaper, internet, or radio that end up being much less effective than hoped. Roadside banners are affordable and will advertise well for many years.


Flags are something that is relatively customizable for your company. By using your own font or logo, you can create the best product to advertise your business. Not only are they unique to your design specifications, but they can be used for a variety of events or situations, including company events, grand openings, open houses, or even product launches.

Custom Design

Flags can be ordered in different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. Not only can you customize your actual flags but you can arrange them in ways that suit your needs as well. You can display them in rows; you can choose to have some with logos, some with important information, and some with business names.  There are endless options for how you can use them to grab attention and also share a brief message that will stick in the customer’s mind. Also, if your advertising budget is tight, you can design and order more with time.

From branding to custom designs. Rectangle flags are the perfect way to advertise your business.

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