If you’re home was impacted by a flood, burst pipe, or other causes of severe water damage, you need to act fast. A water damage restoration company in Saratoga Springs, NY, will stop by and help reverse the damage. The process of standing water removal, cleanup, mold remediation, and restoration will prevent the cascading effects of flood damage. If left untreated, your home may become too dangerous to occupy, due to effects like mold growth or compromised building materials that make the structure fragile.

However, before you hire a home water damage restoration company, you should know some important facts about the process. Keep this info handy, because you never know when water damage can strike where you live.

Act Fast

One of the worst effects of home water damage is mold. You’ll need to hire water damage repair as soon as possible after an incident occurs or water damage is located.

Mold doesn’t just consume your food supply. It can attack and destroy building materials, including wooden beams, flooring, drywall, and even the roof. Mold also grows very quickly. In just a few days, spots of blue, green, gray, or black mold can appear. Once mold is visible, it endangers your health, especially if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Keep Your Options Open

As a homeowner, you may feel obligated to contact the water restoration company on your insurance plan. It’s understandable to want to work through your home insurance company. However, you have the freedom to select the restoration company of your choice, so long as you contact an official restoration service, not a handyman or amateur worker.

Just bear in mind that the work must be done very quickly in order to prevent further damage. Remember to act fast if you want your insurer to cover at least a portion of the restoration costs.

Oversee the Process

Neither your insurance company nor the water damage restoration company can require you to remain in your home while work is being performed. However, it’s a good idea as a homeowner to oversee the work being done. You should be satisfied with the service and the results of the work you and/or your insurance company are paying for. It’s best to indicate problems or oversights while the restoration company is still present, rather than trying to get them to revisit your property.

You may be confused by the process and what the results should look like. Thankfully, a good water damage restoration company in Saratoga Springs, NY, will explain the process to you and help you feel at ease during restoration.

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