Pearl jewellery not just enhances your looks but even adds glamour and grace to your overall personality. It has always been high on priority list of a majority of people. Pearls are produced inside living organisms like mussels and oysters.

This precious item is produced because of irritation caused to the living organism by some parasites that enter a mussel, oyster or clam. It is a defense mechanism, which starts within the living organism. Fluid is produced, which covers the nuisance with an intention of neutralizing it. Many coating layers called ‘Nacre’ is produced and the result is the gem stone called ‘Pearls’.

Some facts about pearls to get familiar with –

  • Pearls are of two kinds – natural and cultural. Demand for pearls has promoted artificial process of cultivating, where the irritant is placed surgically in the living organism to compel nacre production.


  • Three years are necessary to obtain high quality artificial pearls.


  • Pearls are classified on the kind of environment they are cultivated. Saltwater and freshwater pearls. Saltwater pearls have more rounded shape and nacre.


  • Simple technique to differentiate fake from real is – Slide pearl over your front teeth, smooth glide means fake because real pearls always give gritty feel.


  • Real pearls always have small defects in nacre layering and shape.

Astrological benefits

Besides elegance, pearl is popular for its astrological benefits. It represents moon, which in turn represents mind. People wear pearl rings to strengthen their moon. In addition, the wearer gains a more composed mind, strong conjugal relationship, enhanced memory, good health, and better sleep.

Pearl as birthstone

Pearl also is a June birthstone, which protects wearers from evil and brings good fortune. It even brings chastity, modesty, and purity. Even heals issues related to spleen, heart, intestines, and stomach.

Pearl shapes

Beauty of pearl necklaces  lie in their individuality. They are available in variety of shapes like round, oval, button, circle, drop, baroque, etc. Each pearl displays its own charm. The shape and symmetry is dictated by the nacre’s thickness and quality.

Pearl colors

You get a variety of colors connected with different regions ranging from golden [Indonesia/Philippines] to black [Tahitian] and white [Australian]. Within each color, pearls display graduation of hues like within white spectrum of pearl pendants you will notice hues like silver, grey, ivory, pink, and blue.

Pearl size

Typically, the diameter of pearls ranges from 9mm to 20mm. Pearl earrings value increases exponentially with size. Large size culture pearls are truly majestic, especially if they display smooth surface and luster. Therefore, similar sized good quality pearls are rarely available to create a strand. It can take years!

Pearls luster

Magic lies in the luster of pearl drop earrings. Pearls luster has the potential to mask other imperfections. It is related to thickness and quality of nacre. Luster endows pearl an unearthly radiance an also is the most crucial characteristic to consider, while buying.

Pearl jewelry is the most popular way to flaunt your taste and style. Never compromise on quality or limit yourself to indigenous options. Explore online jewellery and grab some authentic pearls  at affordable prices.

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