Finding affordable car insurance in Florida when you have a teen driver in your household can feel daunting. After all, teens aren’t always known for being the most cautious drivers. While you can’t always be in the passenger seat telling them how to drive properly to stay safe, you can share with them some essential driving tips. While you’re at it, keep these tips as a refresher for yourself too.

Put the Phone Away

Studies have repeatedly shown that driving with a cell phone, even when using the hands-free option, is equal to driving drunk. Young drivers tend to want to keep up with their friends more often throughout the day and are often more likely to use their cell phones while driving. In addition to being against the law in many states, using a cell phone while driving is extremely dangerous. Encourage your kids to keep their cell phones turned off in the car.

Turn Your Headlights on

Even when it’s light out, having the headlights on will help other people see and will help your teen see better too. Although it’s not required to have headlights on during the day when it’s light out, it’s not a bad practice to get into since cars with headlights on are easier to see than cars without no matter what time of day it is.

Eliminate Distractions

Encourage your teen driver to eliminate distractions while they’re driving. This doesn’t just mean putting the phone down or not texting behind the wheel, although these are important things to remember. Distractions can be fiddling with the radio, eating behind the wheel, or having friends in the backseat. Try to get your teen into the practice of waiting until the next stop to take care of these things.

Drive Alone If Possible

If your teenager has even one other teen passenger in the car with them, their risk of a car accident doubles. It goes up even more the more passengers they have. Whenever possible, encourage your teen to drive alone or at least avoid driving with a car full of friends.

You’re already worried about your teens when they’re out driving, so don’t let finding affordable car insurance in Florida worry you too. There are lots of companies that reward teens and parents for safe driving practices through discounts and special programs on your insurance. The best you can do is share these safe driving tips for your new drivers and trust them to do the right thing.

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