Using objects that can move to advertise is a great way to attract attention. The human eye is drawn to movement, so taking advantage of that can make advertising very effective. Flags can be a great way to do this but if the wind isn’t blowing, they won’t move. Advertising air dancers move because of the air being blown around inside of it. Even on still days, an air dancer will still move. Once you’ve decided to create a custom air dancer, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Face and Hair

Many air dancers have wacky faces. They can have a variety of playful expressions that make them look friendly. You can give your air dancer some personality with a face. Maybe your air dancer is playfully sticking its tongue out. Or, maybe it has a huge grin. They can also have hair to give them even more personality. The hair will also dance around.


Air dancers have plenty of space for text. You can put one or two words in a very large font or use a smaller one and fit more information on it. Some air dancers have just text on them. What they lack in a face and a personality they make up for with space for even more text. When designing the text, make sure you pick a color that’s easy to read against the main color of your air dancer.

Bright Colors

The human eye is drawn to bright colors. Warm, fiery colors and neon shades of cool colors are the most eye-catching colors. White and black can certainly stand out as well, but they look a bit dreary. White and black should only be used for text. White text with a black outline is consistently easy to read no matter what color the background it’s on is.


Air dancers can have arrow shapes on them. You can point people in the direction of your business without needing a separate sign. But, since the air dancer is constantly moving, the arrow might not always be entirely accurate. Still, potential customers will still get the general idea of which way to go.

Advertising air dancers are a quirky and fun way to draw attention to your business. They’re a playful way to advertise that can be customized in interesting and unique ways. These wacky air tubes can be given faces or huge text that both catch the eye.

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