Gone are the days when diamond was considered a woman’s friend. Today, diamonds have become quite popular in men’s style and fashion too. These precious stones are used to make cuff links, rings and tie pins for men. Initially, men used diamonds due to religion and traditions. Diamond, denotes stature, power and wealth. You will see most of the celebrities and businessmen wearing diamond in several forms.

Diamond pendants for men are slightly expensive but are popular because of the beauty involved in it. They are now available in many shapes and sizes. Most commonly used pendant is the solitaire. Hence even men now have various options to select from.

We have a list of various designs that can guide you in your choice –

  • gold heart pendant
  • gemstone pendant
  • gold bar pendant
  • religious pendant
  • alphabet pendant
  • horn design pendant
  • diamond studded pendant
  • combination of silver and gold pendant
  • rings pendant
  • guitar design pendant
  • playboy pendant
  • bullet design pendant
  • dog tag pendant
  • shield pendant
  • tribal tree pendant

These are some of the designs that are most in demand.

Many designs have their own relevance and depending upon the occasion, each style is selected. Diamond is expensive therefore people are choosy when they purchase a pendant. There are god diamond pendants for men who are inclined towards religion.

Sometimes, during their wedding, couples prefer gifting something memorable to each other. Initials diamond pendants for men are a classic gift idea. This locket can be worn on any occasion and on any outfit. Either it can be a simple letter or to make it more innovative people sometimes, select the twisted ones. Everybody has their own style some prefer multiple diamonds in their pendant while others prefer a single solitaire which are classic diamond pendants for men.

With time, pendant has fascinated both males and females. While women stick to diamonds, men love exploring metals in the shape of ring, pendant or bracelet. When you make a purchase always be informed about the product. Never trust the glitter unless you’re sure that the diamond is legitimate and is from a trustworthy brand.

Here are few tips to help you while purchasing such an expensive item –

  • Depending upon the event, you can select the metal that will go with your remaining accessories and attire. Although diamond goes well with all the attires, some prefer gold, silver and platinum instead of diamond.
  • Now that you have decided diamond as your accessory, you should know that the number of diamonds in a pendant is equally important. Multiple diamonds are suitable for people who love shine and glitter but if you are a man who believes in classic designs then just a solitaire works fine.
  • Diamond that is colourless is the rarest piece and is expensive.  However, when you purchase a diamond make sure to take certificate for the same.
  • Brilliance and shine in diamond comes through its cut. A single round piece diamond has 58 cuts which is an excellent option.
  • Cheap quality diamond will not have clarity, but there will be bubbles, and spots in it. Always buy diamonds that have good clarity.
  • Diamond is weighed in carats, thus more the carats are, the more is the weight and more expensive will the product be.

Always purchase your diamond pendant from an authorized dealer who will also give you warranty and certificate. Diamond brings smile on everyone’s face therefore don’t think again, purchase it for your parents, spouse, kids or friends to make them happy.

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