There are several translation service provider firms in the market. To find the most appropriate one among them requires a good knowledge of the translation requirements of your business and qualities that would get you the best translation. Besides quality and accuracy, there are several other attributes that you need to look at. Shortlisting candidates on the basis of the checklist that we have mentioned in this article will assist you get one with a high enough standard.

What does a translation job imply?

High quality translation services are in high demand these days due to the importance in most business and intercultural facets. The significance of language translation service all over the world is accentuated in monetary development so that it can work well in every single venture commenced all across the globe.

What does one expect from this service?

The translation service needs skills to convert same context in exact form from one language to another without losing its originality.

Formal qualifications

A translator needs to possess the much-needed qualification in order to perform the task legally. To be able to work for a client, he should hold a Diploma in Translation issued by the “Institute of Linguists”.

Translation Experience

We all know that there is no substitute for experience. If you are expecting a premium quality, and professional level work from a translator, then go for the one who has at least five years of relevant commercial experience. Anything less than this experience would not get you the quality you are looking for.

Translator Association membership

Translator who has joined any of the below mentioned reputable associations bodies should be given preference. These organizations perform a thorough examination of the candidates before permitting them to join the association. Being a member of these associations gives an assurance that the individual is committed to his work.

  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting
  • Institute of Linguists American Translators Associations
  • Institute of Linguists
  • US National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators AIIC

Mother tongue translators

It has been seen that translators deliver better quality work when they translate into their native language or mother tongue. By insisting on the translation firm to use a mother tongue translator, you can increase the possibilities of receiving high quality translation work.

In-country translators

In certain cases, it is also very essential to hire a translator who stays and works at a place which you are aiming. This will ensure you that they are quick with all the newest ‘in phrases’ and colloquialisms. An in-country translator is especially important if your business requires to translate marketing and advertising text.

Translator references

Look at the past performance of a translator to gauge their future performance. To get the most genuine and competent translator, it is advised to seek references and check them.


To get timely and precise transcription services, it is important to select the most appropriate transcription firm that can efficiently fulfill specific needs of a business. A translator that fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria will definitely assure you of the best quality work.

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