There are cybersecurity risks everywhere nowadays. It’s crucial for businesses to protect their data both in and out of the office. Use the IT security in Atlanta tips below to keep your company’s mobile devices safe from cyber threats.

Inventory the Hardware

The very first thing you should do is make a list of all the hardware that is connected to your business. If you don’t know what devices are on your network, you would be unable to control and protect them. This may not be as easy as it sounds because mobile devices will not always be connected to the company’s networks like desktop computers and printers are. If your business has a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, create requirements for which devices can be used. You should also inform your employees about what information is needed to participate in the program.

Inventory the Software

After figuring out which mobile devices are used at your company, create an inventory of the software that is used. Determine which applications are used to you can figure out if they are secure. Consider using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform to assist you with this step in the process. It will give you useful information about which applications and programs are installed on the devices. This platform can also whitelist specific wi-fi networks and help enforce password policies.

Check for Vulnerabilities

Though network-connected desktop computers can easily be scanned for potential vulnerabilities, scanning mobile devices can be difficult. Vulnerabilities on mobile devices can impact operating systems, apps, hardware, network connections, and physical locations. To check for vulnerabilities, you will need to understand the device, the data, and how employees use their devices. An MDM can help to monitor for vulnerabilities. However, the best defense against cyber-attacks is an educated workforce. Inform your employees about the risks of using a mobile device for work and how they can protect their devices and their data.

Misplaced Devices

Another downside of using mobile devices for business is that they are easy to lose. What will happen if a device is misplaced? Companies can minimize the damage caused by lost devices by including certain requirements for mobile devices. These include two-factor authentication, strong passwords, anti-theft services, and timed lock-out. If a company device ever does end up in the wrong hands, using these tips for IT security in Atlanta can help to protect confidential data.

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