What Is an Expert Witness?

There may come a point in time where you find yourself in a courtroom listening to expert testimony. An expert witness is someone who has vast knowledge or experience in a certain subject and is therefore permitted to testify during a trial. Their proficiency in a specific field provides valuable insight into particular circumstances that are often relevant to a case. Expert witnesses are true authorities in their field of study and either work for themselves or are registered with an expert witness agency. They play a crucial role in the judicial process as their testimony is capable of swaying jury members and educating judges on technical and complex subjects. The diversity of the civil litigation environment means there is a continuous demand for experts within every industry.

What Can a Clinical Expert Do for You?

A clinical expert is someone who is highly trained in the medical field; it could be a nurse, a medical doctor, a pharmacist, a radiologist, or anyone who specializes in any aspect of the healthcare industry. Having an expert witness on your side during a malpractice trial could be extremely helpful in the sense that they can review your medical records, point out errors or mistakes in your treatment plan or a procedure you had done, and provide facts to support your claims. An expert witness pharmacist for example can offer insight into drug overdoses, adverse reactions to drugs and medications, medical negligence, and more. Clinical experts can also provide peace of mind for victims of malpractice cases, and remind them that they should not doubt their decision to pursue legal action against a wrongdoer. Due to their knowledge and expertise, these highly trained professionals are a vital tool in the courtroom.

The Importance of Having an Expert on Your Side

In order to establish merit in a medical malpractice claim, the plaintiff must prove liability or a breach in the standard of care by a medical professional, hospital, clinic, or institution. An expert witness pharmacist is qualified to help with your legal dispute and will help establish the merit you need to move forward with your case. Expert witnesses can represent either a plaintiff or a defendant and will offer their scientific education, experience, and knowledge of medications and other medical scenarios. Their ability to explain how actions can lead to an injury or how a deadly counteraction could have occurred in layman’s terms will add significant value to your case.

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