Matching the trend is important in social life and professional environment as well. When you stay updated with the latest trends, people notice you and try to follow your footsteps. One of the latest trends that have gathered attention is carrying a tote bag wherever you go.

Tote means ‘to carry’ and tote bags came into US in 1944 when L.L. Bean released the first Boat bag. It was easy to carry the luggage in tote bags rather than carrying in heavy luggage carriers. Later, women carried it freely in hand because that made it convenient to carry everything in one huge bag. Since it was ordinarily styled therefore, in 1960 personal style was given to tote bags.

Now there are endless type of tote bags with different colors and patterns. Since the best fabric is used in it therefore, it is durable. In recent trend, nylon is commonly used in making tote bags as it is good in retaining moisture and keeps things fresh. Since it is made of recycled material, many companies have stopped providing plastic bags. They have their own custom grocery bags in which they print their logo for promotion and being durable, people use it every time they go shopping. This way the company is able to promote their brand as well.

Here are few ways of making best tote bags for business promotion –

  • A non woven polypropylene bag is an inexpensive and durable tote bag. It is water resistant and the best way to start promotional activities.
  • If you think small bag will not help then you select a large non woven bag that gives you ample area to print your logo and slogan on it. It also has front pocket and a plastic cover that makes it easy for you to clean with wet cloth.
  • Cotton tote bags are expensive than polypropylene bags. Thus, when you select cotton bags for promotion, keep it for your employees to gift on occasions.
  • If you want to gift a bag with goodies in it, on a special occasion, then a small tote bag that is laminated and customized is the perfect gift bag with merchandize in it.
  • The modern trend says clear looking tote bags look unique where your logo appears prominently.
  • If your company believes in saving the environment then, 100-percent recycled tote bags with zipper in it makes it perfect to portray the same.
  • A fun tote bag can also be used to promote business and should be offered to every employee to use it as it has a zipper to enclose everything and a pocket to carry a bottle.
  • 100 percent cotton tote bag is just perfect for all families as they can carry it anytime for shopping. Being pure cotton, it protects your items from pests and toxics in the air and with air entering your items keep it fresh.

Always try to make the tote bag fashionable, so that your customers feel proud carrying it. There are various ways you can design that in a limited budget.

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