Switching from conventional cigarette smoking to e-cig will eventually help you quit smoking. Your aim will be to wean yourself from nicotine very slowly. You are not giving up your habit of smoking totally, so there will be nothing to miss. In the start, you will feel irritation but depend more and more on e-cigs.

People who quit smoking start to binge eat and gain weight. However, switching to e-cig removes the issue of increased appetite because nicotine is not eliminated from the equation. The feel in the mouth and hand will be similar to regular cigarettes.

What to expect?

  • To quit smoking even with electronic cigarettes will take time, discipline, and patience.
  • You will need to expect using e-cigs for minimum 5 months. Many people take one year.
  • Actually, you need to wean from nicotine. This needs to be done slowly, so that your body hardly feels the difference.
  • Withdrawals are negligible, when compared to quitting regular smoking.
  • Cravings get satisfied from nicotine in e-liquid.

Step 1- Be determined to quit

Quitting smoking habit is very hard. Next, the e-cig world will seem confusing in the start. You will need to choose a suitable one. Visit this website Friske Drag AS and read reviews, which can be helpful.

Delve strongly in the new toy, you unpacked. If regular cigarette gets smoked with e-cig then it will be hard to give up.

Step 2 – Choose highest nicotine strength

Choosing strong nicotine strength is a smart move because lot more nicotine will be appreciated than not sufficient. Use high strength e-liquid for several weeks. Take your time to get hang of e-cig. It is crucial to do things properly instead of rushing and trying to the reach the finish line rapidly. Chances you will fail are more…… Show a little patience!

Step 3 – Drop down to medium strength

Drop down to medium strength nicotine for 7 to 8 weeks. Simultaneously, even reduce the use of e-cigs. For example, when you go shopping leave e-cig at home. It will help you to depend less on e-cig. This small change will help you in giving up entirely.

Step 4 – Scary low

People get scared at this stage of their quit smoking journey. Along with low level nicotine strength, you will reduce your dependence on e-cig less and less. For example, leave cig in the office to wean away from real addiction. Your brain will soon stop thinking about it.

Step 5 – ZERO nicotine

As you feel that you are not so reliant on e-cig drop to zero nicotine level. You are almost about to reach the quit smoking journey. Every time you make nicotine strength changes there will be some moments of irritation, especially during zero nicotine. Actually, you are just puffing e-cig that gives ‘placebo effect’. It is an act, which can satisfy you mentally. After a week, you will be free from nicotine addiction.

Post quitting precaution

E-cigs need to be kept away, so that you will not depend on them during stress. For some months you are vulnerable to smoking situations. Urge needs to be cured with zero nicotine e-cig, only.

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