Your big day is quickly approaching. You’ve chosen your venue, picked up your dress, and sent out the invitations; the only thing you haven’t figured out yet is what to give your guests as wedding favors. Wedding favors are meant to thank your guests for sharing this momentous day with you and your spouse. The last thing you want is to give your friends and family something they’ll never use or throw out in a few weeks. Here are a few unique and useful wedding favor ideas to inspire you.


These trendy plants make the perfect wedding favor for your guests. They are small, colorful, and cute. Plus, they require very little care, making them great for all your guests who don’t have green thumbs. This is an especially great wedding favor outdoor weddings. Consider planting the succulents in a mason jar, teacup, or another container that goes with your theme.


This is sure to be a crowd-pleasing wedding favor. Everyone loves dessert, especially adorably-packaged dessert that will remind them of your spectacular wedding when they are munching on it later on. Plus, there are so many different types of desserts that your favor will surely be unique. Send your guests home with a heart-shaped donut, mini pie, or a mug full of candy. If you want to get more creative with your favors, you can set up a cookie bar where guests can pack a box full of their favorite cookies to bring home after your wedding.

Homemade Gifts

If you have the time, handmade gifts can be memorable and one-of-a-kind. Consider your skills, your budget, and your time constraints before you decide to go this route. If you are an avid-crafter, you can buy lotion tubes in bulk and handcraft sweet-smelling lotions for your guests. Any carpenters out there can create handmade photo frames for their guests to fill with their favorite memory of the evening. Choose something you are good at and don’t be afraid to access your creativity.

Wedding Theme-Related

Another method you can use is choosing a favor related to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a destination wedding, you can give your friends and family luggage tags. If you are throwing a beach wedding, why not give your guests sunglasses. Think about what type of gift fits in with your theme and go with it.

While planning your wedding day, the favors are probably the last thing on your mind. However, choosing the best wedding favor can be simple and easy with a little bit of planning. Whether you decide to go the dessert route or the DIY route and purchase lotion tubes in bulk to gift handmade cosmetics, your guests are sure to have a wonderful time.

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