High-intensity interval training, commonly abbreviated as HIIT, gives the body strength and power. It also triggers muscles growth giving one a physic that resembles a Greek ancient fighter. But do you know all it takes to achieve such a goal? According to fitness experts, not just any workout will qualify for HIIT list; rather, it is only those that charge your body and take it an extra mile. It also calls for the use of the best enhancement steroids, especially for the bodybuilders and athletes. You need to check Steroidsfax out to see such gear. Here, we will highlight all you need to know about the HIIT.

How to Go About HIIT

Most people only came to learn about HIIT in the 90s. The fitness trainers who tested this combination of various workouts compared how they ordinary workouts and HIIT helped people in fat loss. According to their reports, the latter was highly effective. Today, people will come across Tabata, which combines HIIT and LIIT to give effective results.

It is recommended that trainers do at least one session of HIIT per week. It helps them to improve the core strength, composition, muscle growth and the whole body structure. Those in sports and bodybuilding can do two times in a week.

Types of HIIT Workouts

  • Total body complex – Just as the name suggests, it involves the whole body through various sets of workouts. In all the categories, only one set is recommended and the reps are up to a maximum of 8. Barbell squats make a good start followed by push press. To wind up the whole body complex, do Romanian deadlifts and bent over barbell rows in a quick session on each set.
  • Lower body complex – for an athlete, the lower body is very crucial. It offers support to the whole body and must, therefore, be exposed to HIIT once a week. The main focus here is the hip areas going down. While doing interval training, make sure that you focus on only one set in each category and 5 reps in quick intervals. The workouts that top the list include barbell squats, Zercher squats and Romanian deadlifts.
  • Strongman Intervals – It is no doubt that strongmen have a lean body than many other trainers. The Secret is in HIIT using their equipment. Again, you only need one set of each of the combinations and short rapids reps. Here, you will meet the drags and pulls of heavyweights. Try the harness load pull, yoke walk, log lift and many more.
  • Burpees- these dumps the use of weights and loads as most HIIT apply. However, you may have to do many burpees as possible within a short time. According to reports, these are equally effective especially when well planned.


Irrespective of the HIIT training one chooses, planning is key. The workouts you need to use must come in quick succession, which calls for better preparation before the session starts. Just like any other workout session, do not forget to warm up and stretch before and after.

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