For any growing business, managing Human Resources (HR) programs can be a challenge. Often, HR requirements exceed the expertise of existing staff, but there is simply not enough work to hire someone with the expertise needed to exclusively work on HR programs full time. That is where HR solutions placement agencies can play a major role; here are a few reasons why.

They Have Their Own Resources and Expertise

The purpose of an HR solutions placement agency is to find staff who can manage your HR department without costing too much. They have their own talent pools, can match talent with specific needs and are more easily and effectively able to advertise a position, using the networks they already have put in place.

Reduced Hiring and Labor Costs

HR solutions placement agencies advertise, recruit, screen and select the best candidates to fit your needs. They have databases of candidates with their pertinent employment history at their fingertips. They do not have to spend a lot of time feeling their way through the hiring process. That saves time and money.

In addition to the savings in hiring costs, placement agency staffing are also employed by the placement agency, usually for a trial period. This type of an arrangement saves money because it reduces overhead, training costs and the cost of compliance with employment and tax law. The placement agency does all that for the customer until the term of the contract is up or they decide to take the employee on full-time.

Makes Management Easier

Utilizing an HR solutions placement agency effectively takes the management responsibility off the customer’s hands. If an employee is not a good fit, a simple phone call and a minimal of follow-up is all the company’s managers have to invest. Additionally, because most placement agency agreements are on a contractual basis, an employer can take the time to get to know an employee before committing to a full-time position. The placement agency employee also is able to spend some time with the company and to figure out if it is a good fit.

Productivity Improvements

When a company’s employees are stretched too thin, they burn out and usually make mistakes. Utilizing an HR solutions placement agency helps alleviate that. By outsourcing HR duties and programs, a specialized employee can handle HR work while the company’s other employees can focus on what they are skilled at.

Deciding to outsource company duties, programs or departments is a big decision for any owner or executive. Outsourcing HR duties and programs is one area most businesses could benefit from outsourcing. If your company is getting overwhelmed with employee management programs, looking at HR solutions placement agencies is one way of quickly and easily addressing your outsourcing needs.

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