Do you remember waiting in anticipation to attend a special event where you just knew the food would be something you could brag about to your friends who didn’t get an invitation? Or perhaps you were the bride who spent months planning a wedding reception and hired the catering company who everyone else raved about. The special day arrives and you sit down to the much anticipated meal only to realize the salad is from a bag and the gravy for the chicken cutlets came from a jar. If only you’d found someone who specialized in made from scratch catering in Tampa, FL.

The Food Tastes Better

This may seem like a simple statement. Of course food made from scratch tastes better. Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? Flavor is often one thing missing from catered food, especially when the caterer doesn’t use fresh ingredients. Food made from scratch tastes fresher and more satisfying. Sometimes it even tastes better than what you make at home.

To Your Health

Food made from scratch is often healthier. When a caterer uses fresh vegetables and herbs or fresh locally sourced meat, the food is typically better for you and your guests than pre-packaged or processed foods. Health is a genuine concern for most people. Offering your guests a meal prepared from scratch shows how much you care for them. It might even encourage those guests who are not as savvy about healthy eating to try a few new healthier foods.

You Get to Help Design the Menu

When you work with a caterer who specializes in preparing food from scratch you may have more of a say in the menu and the ingredients. Caterers who don’t depend on frozen foods ordered from a wholesale food warehouse can often work with clients to create a unique menu. These caterers are able to shop locally and purchase the freshest seasonal ingredients making it easier for them to accommodate your unique tastes and ideas.

Support Local Farmers

In many cases, caterers who prepare food from scratch have access to, and have a passion for supporting local farmers and other small businesses. Sourcing as much as possible from local businesses does more than just help the business. Local produce and other foods are fresher and often grown organically. This is a great way to ensure the food for your event is not just delicious but also memorable for your guests.

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception for a few hundred people or a birthday brunch for ten, give your guests a food experience to remember. Food made from scratch equals love. You care enough for each guest to extend an invitation to celebrate with you so show them how much you really do love them. Find a caterer who offers made from scratch catering in Tampa, FL, and rest assured that you and your guests will treasure the memories of your event.

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